Random thoughts for the day.

Looks like Big Ben will get 4-6 game suspension for, in essence, being drunk in a bar and hustling girls. Even if you consioder it piggish behavior, I can’t understand why NFL muckety mucks can deem it in violation of their conduct code. If so, then they’ll need about a thousand replacement players if it’s applied consistently

I’ve been on Smizik’s blog on P-G on same issue. I ask questions or comment about how illogical and irrational this whole controversy is. And also note that, although Steelers like to believe they are above the rest, they’ve had so many players with arrests over the years that they have no right to feel superior. I think the only time they react is when publicity is overwhelming. If not, they’ll let things quiet down.

Pirates may have to look elsewhere besides Morton for starter. He’s had a couple games where he had some show of competency, but last night he sucked. It’s a scrappy team but they need to have reasonable results from starters to have a chance to win consistently. A few guys are just not performing, but it is just over two weeks into the season. Come May and evaluation will be easier and more justified, whatever it is.

Two suicide stories in today’s Dominion Post. One was about marine who served in Iraq and returned home safely, only to learn months later he had cancer. Apparently when he was getting chemotherapy he missed Guard meetings and he was threatened with arrest. Eventually he was honorably discharged but had to give back re-up bonus.

Military doesn’t take care of pschological needs very well, and even in private life getting meaningful treatment is difficult. Part of that may be patient himself not seeking out help or not being dedicated to his own recovery. I have experience in that way so I’m not trying to blame the victim. Treatment can be unavailable or at least sporadic even in Morgantown. For someone in a rural environment it’s worse.

Also, despite advances, mental illness still carries a stigma. I deal with that frequently. Suffering such an illness does not necessarily mean the person will be totally “out of it” or even greatly irrational. Bad judgment may be exhibited but the person is very aware of what they’re doing. Neither is violence always a concern, except to yourself.

The second case may be an example of that although details are not clear. Two cops investigating a domestic dispute call checked around the house and found the husband had hanged himself. They were able to get him down and revive him and his physical condition is good. But if he’s been treated for mental illness, it’s likely to not have been thorough enough. That is speculation, but again based on personal experience. I hope he gets help.

Had a great week last week locating fraternity brothers, six in all, especially two who I was close to. The whole process is therapeutic for me. Scrapping and searching and calling and writing digging take time but sometimes prove to be productive. I do wish more of the brothers took it upon themselves to contact each other. I provide the necessary contact information. When I call someone, however, and tell them how much people would like to see them, they probably are skeptical because I’m the only one who does call. I’ve had a litlle better cooperation lately but still not enough.

The reunion itself is taking shape to have record attendance. I’m eternally optimistic about such things.But I see no reason why we won’t have at least 60 brothers here, when no more than 45 have attended previously.

Another pretty early spring day. Temps not back in the 80’s yet, but seems to be above the average for April. Got to resist laziness and get my butt to the gym. Last few weeks have seen me not be as diligent in my going, usually making there no more than 4 days in a week. I’ve been there days in a row and have to keep it up. I feel so much better mentally and physically when I do.

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