I am David Hammond. I will be 63 in July. I am well-educated with Bachelors and J.D. degrees from WVU. I was born and raised in Southwestern Pa., though my family on both parents’ sides has roots in the Mountain State.

I am a huge Pittsburgh sports fan, especially the Pirates, then the Steelers. I follow the Penguins and root for them but have never played hockey in any form nor witnessed a hockey game on any level. Of course I’m a Mountaineers fan. This is probably the golden era of WVU sports and I thoroughly enjoy it. 

But above all I am most passionate about the Pirates. I went to my first game in 1957 at Forbes Field. I went to around 200 games at Three Rivers Stadium and love PNC Park, although unable to see games there as often as I’d like.

Most of all I am passionate about my sons. Davisson and Lawson have provided indescribable pride and pleasure since they first appeared on earth. Whatever I have suffered through the years, if something bad happened to either of them, that would render all else inconsequential.

I am retired and living on Social Security. I have never been rich in money or material goods, but have a wealth of friends and treasured life experiences as assets.

Politically I count myself as a liberal. However, in practice I am more on the pragmatic side than doctrinaire. I believe in politics we should encourage those who govern us to make decisions on what is best and fairest for the people, even if antithetical to their stated party affiliation or philosophical beliefs.

I come from a Republican family and registered and voted that way in my first opportunity. (Nixon in 1968 anyone?) In my late twenties I leaned more to the Democrats, which was a plus when I married into a family of staunch Democrats related to Senator Jennings Randolph of W.Va. (Third cousins I believe)

For about twenty years I’ve been a registered Independent. While I’m still inclined to vote for Democrats, I usually have no trouble finding at least a few Republicans I can support.

I try to keep up on the news, using various sources of different persuasions. I try to see all aspects of an issue and hopefully avoid knee-jerk reactions to situations where I don’t have all the facts. I’m certain I have slipped on occasion.

I am not religious. I was raised Presbyterian but have not been a regular church-goer since I graduated from high school in 1965. I don’t think I’m going to hell. I think my moral code is as strong as someone’s based purely on their religious beliefs. I probably will address this theme at length in a future post.

I consider myself highly intelligent, as do most people who know me well. I will be the first to admit I have not always used my brainpower in the most productive way. But I do have a vast memory which has served me well when playing Trivial Pursuit. In fact my then wife once told folks, marvelling at my expertise at that game, that I was “the most trivial person” she knew.

I have a wonderful sense of humor, albeit somewhat off-beat and even warped at times.


  • Britt  On June 13, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    Nice write up, Dave. Very accurate! You should write a book!

    I am glad you have created a blog, and look forward to your periodic observations and musings.

    • umoc193  On June 13, 2010 at 9:41 PM

      Thanks, Britt.

      I intend to do more. I got lazy for awhile. If interested maybe check in every week or so.

  • little_minx  On June 30, 2011 at 1:31 AM

    “I think my moral code is as strong as someone’s based purely on their religious beliefs.”

    Actually, UMOC, a moral code NOT based on religion could arguably be stronger, because one must grapple to define one’s own principles rather than merely follow obediently and unthinkingly.

    • umoc193  On June 30, 2011 at 1:39 AM

      I see your point. But I wrestle with my own tendency to sometimes appear like a know it all and utterly superior to those who disagree with me. Deeming my moral code stronger for the reasons you cite would still be part of that tendency.

  • Anonymous  On July 16, 2013 at 11:56 AM

    Dave ,
    I don’t know if your blog is still active but I ( myooz) was a regular on Reg’s old blog. I have no interest in joining Facebook but I see your posts regularly. As you should remember I generally agreed with you, but based on your comments on Rob Rogers outragous cartoon on our justice system I felt I had to communicate my and my wife’s disagreement complete disagreement with you and Rob. Below is my wife’s response to Rob’s inflammatory cartoon. which I am certain they will not print.

    Regarding Rob Rogers’ 7-15/2013 “Zimmerman Verdict”

    To letters@post-gazette.com
    A more appropriate political cartoon under the same heading would be caricatures of Rob Rogers and Al Sharpton spitting at a statue of Lady Justice. Rob would be giving her a middle finger salute and Sharpton would be threatening her with his well worn lynch mob rope.

    Elsemarie Schiller

    I actually drew a cartoon depicting my wife’s comment and mailed it to the PG and Rob. which I am certain they will also not print Lady Justice’s defense scale is overfowing with facts and doubt and the prosecution’s scale empty. Whether Zimmerman got out of his car or whether a 911 Dispatcher ( not Police) advised him not to is immaterial as the jury rightfully determined. He was ambushed and sucker punched by a 17 year old wanna be gangsta thug as Trayvon’s excluded tweets and facebook pic’s prove.

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