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Republican presidential candidate John Kasich says he’d set up an agency with a “mandate” to promote what he calls “Judeo-Christian values” overseas to counter Islamist propaganda.


The Ohio governor says he would create the new agency to promote the values of human rights, democracy and the freedoms of speech, religion and association. Kasich says the information would be distributed in the Middle East, China, Iran and Russia, to compete with the propaganda and misinformation purveyed by Islamic militants.

And here I thought Kasich was one of the saner GOPers. He’s out of his mind. I believe there already exists such an agency. It’s called the Christian Church and Judaism. And they’ve been promoting their “values” for thousands of years.

Christian nations began both World Wars which together killed over 100 MILLION people!

A Christian nation embroiled its citizens in a four year long Civil War that sometimes literally pitted brother against brother and resulted in about 700,000 deaths.

A Christian nation pursued expansion that resulted in the deaths of most of its native population…many by disease and starvation…with perhaps at least a few hundred thousand killed by hostile action.

A Christian nation fought in an unnecessary and futile war in Southeast Asia and was responsible for—by conservative estimates—ONE MILLION deaths, the majority civilians.

A Christian nation invaded Iraq  under false pretenses and was responsible for as many as ONE MILLION deaths.

A Jewish nation illegally appropriated land from Palestinians and while claiming to act solely in self-defense kills nearly 4000 of the supposed aggressors (since 2008) while suffering fewer than 100 deaths of its own. Some defense, eh?

DAESH (ISIS) has by best estimates killed about 170,000 people. We’ll grant that Islamic terrorists as a whole perhaps can claim as many as ONE MILLION victims, but the number is probably not even close to that figure.

The deaths caused by Christian nations in these conflicts include millions of civilian non-combatants of both genders and of all ages, most notably the SIX MILLION dead in the Holocaust.

Pray tell precisely what values does Kasich expect to convey? These examples demonstrate little concern for human life. Besides the deaths millions of people were displaced…sorta like the current Syrian refugees, you know? And how many more have had their lives torn apart while suffering physical and psychological injuries is impossible to know.

Furthermore if Kasich’s creation is intended to be an official government agency he’s getting into First Amendment territory where such actions would be prohibited.

Let’s face it. Contrary to what Kasich apparently hopes to accomplish, pushing Judeo-Christian “values” is simply telling the rest of that world that violence, death, and destruction are the preferred methods in attempting to achieve geographicl-political goals.

Examining the history behind the troubling current events plainly shows those “values” are what got us into this mess.

I am invoking my inner Nancy Reagan. Just say, NO!


John Raese is a candidate for the United States Senate from West Virginia. His home county, Monongalia, (also where The UMOC  resides) recently enacted a smoking ban in most places of public accommodations: bars, restaurants, and workplaces.

This new policy had drawn numerous comments on both sides. Oddly some of the letters to the editor I have read are from smokers who approve of the ban, and non-smokers who object.

The kicker here is that newspaper is owned by the Raese family and John’s brother David is its publisher.

I’ll allow as there is room for legitimate disagreement on this issue, though I much favor the new law. I have never used tobacco in my life and hate returning home smelling like a chimney if I’ve been in an establishment where many patrons are smoking.

John Raese, though, in his opposition to the ban, possibly catering to what he believes is his electoral base, has likened the ban and the requirement that “smoke free” notices need be posted where applicable, to the Nazis mandating that Jews display the Star of David.


“But in Monongalia County now, I have to put a huge sticker on my buildings to say this is a smoke-free environment. This is brought to you by the government of Monongalia County. Okay?” he said. “Remember Hitler used to put Star of David on everybody’s lapel, remember that? Same thing.”

Later on in the video, Raese calls President Franklin D. Roosevelt “General Roosevelt” and “Fidel Roosevelt.”

(Incidentally, John, you seem to equate the Nazis with the Communists and accuse FDR of being both. Those groups hated each other.)

Now the Raese family has been prominent in the Morgantown area for years. Various of its business enterprises operate a steel mill, a limestone quarry, the aforementioned newpaper, a chain of radio stations across the state, and a statewide news service.

I do not know about John himself, but members of the family have been very generous with their time and money assisting the community. His father, Dyke Raese, was the basketball coach at WVU when it won its only national title (prior to March Madness) with its NIT victory in 1942.

Those are the positives.

The negative can be boiled down to two words:



Often those words are paired together.

If Raese is the Republican candidate this year, he again will be facing Joe Manchin, who won his current Senate seat in 2010 in a special election to succeed the late Robert C. Byrd. During that campaign he, like all his GOP brethren, disparaged the Affordable Care Act, not with reasoned opinions but with blatant lies.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) ranks West Virginia dead last in percentage of adult smokers. As the CDC deems smoking harmful, that means W.Va. has the highest percentage. It stands at 26.5%.


Though that figure is highest of any state it still is barely more than one-quarter of adults, the same age group (over 18) that is permitted to vote.

Raese is further out of touch with what has occurred elsewhere in the country as a number of states and localities have banned smoking to some extent. That includes tobacco producing states like North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky. It includes New York City, itself with a population four times that of this state.


Besides being out of touch, Raese also deviates from the mantra of Republicans/conservatives that encourages state and local action as opposed to federal laws.

But the reason the sobriquet “asshole” applies here is that, whatever one thinks about smoking bans, they do not descend to the level of the Nazis in their drive into the Holocaust.

On the other hand, John Raese himself has plunged to the depths of despicability in his unfounded, unwarranted, and unwanted comparisons to one of the darkest eras in human history.


               Here is a link to today’s  Charles Krauthammer column as it appeared in the Post-Gazette.


                In it he accuses liberals of looking for bigotry everywhere there is opposition to it’s leftist agenda. Methinks Herr Krauthammer is viewing this issue through coal-colored glasses. True it is easy to find instances where the conservative movement has been called racist or homophobic or otherwise bigoted, and either that claim did not bear out or circumstances showed there was no black and white controversy, merely one with multiple layers of grey.

             Primary among these for me is the Henry Louis Gates, Jr. incident in Cambridge, where he had to break into his own house, the police were called and when he was confronted as a possible burglar, he was sorely  offended.  That was undertstandable, but so was the officer’s explanation that he was responding to a 911 call, and merely needed to check  the situation. Gates immediately saw this as a racial affront and began a rant. The cop, apparently not racist but likely sensitive to a loud but not violent outburst from a potential miscreant, and having the proof he needed that Gates was indeed the homeowner, did not withdraw as good sense dictated but instead proceeded to arrest Gates for, I believe, disorderly conduct.

           As the officer was white and Gates black many jumped to the conclusion that the affair indicated white racism. President Obama chimed in on the “stupid” behavior of the cop. The two pertinent parties and the Pres finally all had a civil discourse over a cold beer on the White House Lawn.

                It turns out neither the cop nor Gates demonstrated patience when that virtue was undeniably necessary. And Obama jumped the gun is his assessment of the incident.

                 I realize this has nothing to do with a liberal political agenda per se, but it is illustrative that liberals can do the knee-jerk as well as anyone.

                But on more sweeping national questions such as illegal immigration, gay marriage and the Ground Zero mosque, Krauthammer appears to judge them as the will of the majority should be heard and allegations of bigotry, even if made only against segments of the right wing positions on these topics, are stifling the will of the people.

                 Well, in light of the rhetoric espoused by these right wingers, especially the trained rats at FoxNews and drones and clones of the ilk of the half governor of Alaska, how could one not conclude bigotry was afoot?

                Is Krauthammer not cognizant of the fact our Constitution and a number of its amendments were designed precisely to prevent the tyranny of the majority. Would he not deem it bigotry if a synagogue or Mormon temple were opposed simply due to the religious beliefs of the people behind it? Does he fail to see the bigotry in focusing attention on the immigration status of one ethnic group and lies are spread to persuade folks these immigrants are nothing but prenicious leeches, preying upon vulnerable Americans? Does he not see the bigotry and plain unfairness in opposition to gay marriage which was addressed so eloquently by the judge who threw out the California law?

              Oh, yeah, the coal-colored glasses. Questions answered.

               While many people may not have bigotry at the heart of their opinions on these issues, they certainly are prone to extreme narrow-mindedness which, in effect, is the same. Think of those whites who cared not a whit about the Civil Rights movement, but did not practice bigotry themselves. What was the effect of their apathy? Should I mention all those “good” Germans ignoring the Holocaust around them?

           Neither  being an ostrich or being ignorant automatically excuses one from charges of bigotry when it comes to simple matters of right versus wrong.