Republican presidential candidate John Kasich says he’d set up an agency with a “mandate” to promote what he calls “Judeo-Christian values” overseas to counter Islamist propaganda.


The Ohio governor says he would create the new agency to promote the values of human rights, democracy and the freedoms of speech, religion and association. Kasich says the information would be distributed in the Middle East, China, Iran and Russia, to compete with the propaganda and misinformation purveyed by Islamic militants.

And here I thought Kasich was one of the saner GOPers. He’s out of his mind. I believe there already exists such an agency. It’s called the Christian Church and Judaism. And they’ve been promoting their “values” for thousands of years.

Christian nations began both World Wars which together killed over 100 MILLION people!

A Christian nation embroiled its citizens in a four year long Civil War that sometimes literally pitted brother against brother and resulted in about 700,000 deaths.

A Christian nation pursued expansion that resulted in the deaths of most of its native population…many by disease and starvation…with perhaps at least a few hundred thousand killed by hostile action.

A Christian nation fought in an unnecessary and futile war in Southeast Asia and was responsible for—by conservative estimates—ONE MILLION deaths, the majority civilians.

A Christian nation invaded Iraq  under false pretenses and was responsible for as many as ONE MILLION deaths.

A Jewish nation illegally appropriated land from Palestinians and while claiming to act solely in self-defense kills nearly 4000 of the supposed aggressors (since 2008) while suffering fewer than 100 deaths of its own. Some defense, eh?

DAESH (ISIS) has by best estimates killed about 170,000 people. We’ll grant that Islamic terrorists as a whole perhaps can claim as many as ONE MILLION victims, but the number is probably not even close to that figure.

The deaths caused by Christian nations in these conflicts include millions of civilian non-combatants of both genders and of all ages, most notably the SIX MILLION dead in the Holocaust.

Pray tell precisely what values does Kasich expect to convey? These examples demonstrate little concern for human life. Besides the deaths millions of people were displaced…sorta like the current Syrian refugees, you know? And how many more have had their lives torn apart while suffering physical and psychological injuries is impossible to know.

Furthermore if Kasich’s creation is intended to be an official government agency he’s getting into First Amendment territory where such actions would be prohibited.

Let’s face it. Contrary to what Kasich apparently hopes to accomplish, pushing Judeo-Christian “values” is simply telling the rest of that world that violence, death, and destruction are the preferred methods in attempting to achieve geographicl-political goals.

Examining the history behind the troubling current events plainly shows those “values” are what got us into this mess.

I am invoking my inner Nancy Reagan. Just say, NO!

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  • Devildog  On November 18, 2015 at 1:14 PM

    4,000 “supposed” aggressors killed while the defenders suffered “only” 100 deaths of their own! Is that a problem? Why? Morale of the story-don’t be an aggressor!

  • Little_Minx  On November 18, 2015 at 3:04 PM

    Voice of America, BBC World Service, foreign language services of other western nations’ broadcasting entities — not to mention entertainment TV and movies, and now the Internet — all have been spreading western culture around the world since their establishment. Try as they might, those (Taliban, N. Korea, et al.) who try to block these vectors of western culture are ultimately fighting a losing battle (see: Cuba).

  • wayne Muller  On November 18, 2015 at 7:01 PM

    I think perhaps you take liberties with your note of which Christian countries started what. One could easily point out that the first world war was started by the assasignation of a member of Austria’s royal court, followed by a number of nations who would later regret their determination to honor treaties and commitment to other nations and join into the awful war. The settlement to that war had much to do with the next. Ensuing wars were most often an outcrop in one way or another of the cold war between communist and democratic entities. We might just as well note that nations with governments engaged in foreign policy start wars. As to Is real, I think perhaps you oversimplify a very complex issue. I live on property that was taken from native Americans…do you have the bill of sale for yours, or is the house you throw rocks from something constructed more of glass than brick. I certainly don’t mean to be nasty, but religious beliefs, implicate in a number of wars, were not so much the cause of the bloody twentieth century. To quote the wonderful GK Chesterton, it’s not that Christianity has been tried and found lacking; it’s never been tried.

    • Devildog  On November 18, 2015 at 7:18 PM

      Wayne, well done. As for your last sentence though, Chesterton may have been wonderful but what you quoted or paraphrased his statement about Christianity can be said about every ideology-for example, democracy, communism, socialism, Islam, etc., etc., etc. Nothing has been tried in its pure form. After all, self-professed Christians and Muslims who do “bad” things are not really Christians and Muslims, respectively.

      • wayne Muller  On November 18, 2015 at 8:12 PM

        Yes I see your point, but in a roundabout way that might be my point as well. To point to these nations as being Christian is to draw a false relationship between a characteristic of a given nation and a cause of their given action. It is the failure to live up to an ideal, not the ideal itself, that would more appropriately bear the blame.

    • umoc193  On November 21, 2015 at 5:05 AM

      You’re kind of missing the point. I’m not accusing the “Christian” countries I reference as initiating wars for religious purposes, though there is some history of that. I am accusing countries whose leaders claim the referenced values as pre-dominant of ignoring those supposed values in their warmongering over many other issues, mostly contrived ones.

      But, then again, in the Old Testament wars were pretty common, often stemming from the self-righteousness of the Jews who fought against the proliferation of different belief systems, much as Islamic terrorists are accused of doing today.

      See this, for example:

      • Devildog  On November 21, 2015 at 10:03 AM

        Strange that you would link an article that does not support the point you are trying to make-and actually contradicts it.

        You write that the Jews fought against “the proliferation of different belief systems” while the article says the Jews fought against evil, actions that even today would be recognized by almost all as evil and that have nothing to do with religious beliefs.

        If your point, or one of them, is that those self-righteous Islamic terrorists’ murders are no different than the murders of those self-righteous Jews of biblical times, so be it but the article you linked does not support that proposition.

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