Rarely have I led by example in my life but at the age of 66 I believe I have come upon one way I can still be the leader.

In writing my blog and commenting in other forums I have had a weakness for responding to other comments that are nothing more than the lunatic ravings of trolls. I have finally ceased responding to one notorious nemesis.

On the national scene our media inexplicably repeat ad nauseum the similar nonsense uttered by politicians, flapping jaw show hosts and panel members, and any manner of public figures down to the 3rd ward dogcatcher in Florence, South Carolina whose utterances are far too often, ugly, demeaning, cruel, and stupid.

Though the ostensible motivation behind these (in)articulations is an expression of political belief or even an overlying philosophy, while they differ in degree of shock and the precise target of the speaker’s opprobrium,  their overarching ultimate purpose is quite simple. These people are nothing more than attention seekers.

The sad fact is that a lot of these trolls have an outlet for their bilge drawing a paycheck from the public fisc often while, ironically, attacking the very government entities they are an integral part of. Others are given a voice by giant corporations and are ubiquitous on our television screens, across our radio dials, and in print that appears on our doorsteps each morning or feeds the insatiable hunger of that interwebby thingamajig.

I am not starting a eliminate these trolls..though you are welcome to do so if you must…nor am I disputing their 1st through 756th Amendment rights to so blatantly demonstrate their ignorance before the world.

I am pleading for you to join me in restraint—but probably not in total eschewal—of citing or responding to the reprehensible halflings amongst us.

Let us treat the trolls as the expletives they are.

S***H P***N

D****D T***P

P**L R**N

M*****E B******N

T*D C**Z

R**K P***Y

D*N I**A

B**L O’*****Y

S**N H*****Y

R**H L******H

L***E G*****T

I would add more but my supply of asterisks has dried up.





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