I’ve previously posted a couple of pieces dealing with American Injustice. At least once I included the New York City stop and frisk policies which appear to be both blatantly racially discriminatory and…more importantly…unconstitutional.

To boot, they are extraordinarily ineffective.

But that is a matter for the courts to make the final determination on as it has been doing in hearings that ended this week.

That ongoing story is the focus of this Slate article which highlights the efforts of one NYC cop to hold his superiors respnsible for this injustice.

Justin Peters tells us of Pedro Serrano, a cop who has testified against his own department in a lawsuit brought challenging the practice. Peters links to a longer profile of Serrano written by Jennifer Gonnerman in New York.

Several telling excerpts from Serrano’s testimony are presented that should be chilling for all of us, even us non-Big Apple residents who are not black, Hispanic, of other dubious ethnic make-up, and most of all young males from early teens to early twenties.

This stop and frisk campaign should be an affront to us all and if allowed to continue in New York, may eventually migrate elsewhere, only to be unearthed by local authorities willing to frack the rocky barriers designed to protect our rights.

Our next entry is a subtle but brilliant mockery of the use of taxpayer dollars to protect us. Also in Slate Amanda Marcotte reports on the case of an Oregon woman, facing a prosepctive rapist, who dials 911 for police aid. Alas it is a Saturday and the local constabulary has been reduced by budget cutbacks to such low numbers that they are available only Monday through Friday.

Marcotte reviews this case as if she were a conservative commentator. Instead of blaming the government’s lack of spending for her plight, the woman should instead take responsibility for her own misfortune. For instance she could get a job and have enough money to be able to afford her own security force.

Call it snarkery, satire, or sarcasm. Marcotte’s writing shows exactly how governments can be penny-wise and pound foolish.

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