Today is a terrible, horrific day for a score or more of families in Connecticut. I cannot begin to imagine the overwhelming grief of parents, grandparents, siblings and other extended family members after the shooting deaths of over twenty people at an elementary school this morning.

There will be political hay made of this event with all the predictable rhetoric about gun control; that people kill people, guns don’t kill people; we need to ban assault weapons; fewer would have died if the teachers had been armed, etc., etc., etc.

To me the irony here, and in the Sikh temple, and in Aurora and Columbine, Colorado, and at Virginia Tech and at…aw SHIT, THERE’S TOO FUCKING MANY TO NAME THEM ALL!

The irony is that these murderous rampages that leave a deep red stain on our soil, a product of the blackened hearts who committed them, are so common and prevalent and everyday occurrences that any efforts to prevent them are weak, insipid and gutless.

Let me tell you my fellow citizens. We’ll just establish a timeline beginning with the World Trade Center bombing in February of 1993. That act of cowardice necessitated the use of six body bags.

On September 11, 2001 (a date I bet Rudy Giuliani can recite by heart) 19 mad men used a unique method to murder 3000 people, law abiding citizens of multiple ethnic and religious backgrounds, including their own Islam which they perverted beyond all reason or recognizability.

There have been NO other foreign terrorist attacks within our borders than those two that have left as many as six dead bodies in their wake.

But our home grown, Christian raised, farm bred, patriotic, all-American, military veteran assholes have pulled off at least 23, possibly more, “let’s get some guns and see how many heads we can blow off” moments within that same time frame with at least that many victims.

There are dozens more examples prior to 1993, enough to generalize that public murders are almost a fine American tradition.

Now for these limited in numbers attacks by foreigners we have taken strong action passing the despicable Patriot Act and by law or lawless action intentionally and harshly abrogated the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments to our Constitution to deal with them.

Yet, our carnage in terms of frequency, our revulsion in terms of the types of victims…from kindergartners to worshippers…, and our shock at the venue of the assaults…not in our largest city nor against our nation’s capitol… logical targets for someone trying to make a point…but in our schools, churches, workplaces, college campuses, small towns, convenience stores…all areas where a modicum of peace and security are the expectation…leads us to what?

No special laws to address these acts. No repressive preventive measures. Hell we don’t dare touch the sacrosanct fucking 2nd Amendment in any way shape or form. Never mind that a lot of the same people giving up their guns only by someone prying them from their cold dead fingers are perfectly willing to trash four other parts of our Bill of Rights to answer almost nonexistent, certainly rare threats, to our collective safety.

Fuck ’em.

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