Mother Jones is reporting on the purported irony of the fact that a man convicted of evading taxes and who served prison time for that offense attended the now infamous fundraising dinner in Boca Raton where Mitt Romney made his remarks criticizing the 47% of Americans who do not pay income tax.    http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/10/romney-47-percent-fundraiser-james-batmasian-tax-evasion

In 2008, James Batmasian pled guilty to a felony tax evasion charge for failing to pay more than $250,000 in federal taxes for employees at his company, Investments Limited.

The man accompanied his wife, Marta, to the dinner, but she was the only donor of the two.

The story relates that the Batmasians have a history of donations to both Democrats and Republicans. In an email to Mother Jones Marta Batmasian wrote

I am a socially liberal Republican who supports the candidates of both parties. I do not contribute or vote in a partisan fashion. I attended several fundraisers for Democrats during the same period.

I am concerned about our deficit and unemployment and as an immigrant who loves this country, I would embrace any candidate who will find a solution to our economic problems.

As far as the 47% comment, I do not recall the details, specifically, although, I heard it later on in the news several times.

I wish I could tell you more.

Now if I understand correctly, Batmasian didn’t fail to pay his income taxes but instead was remiss in submitting the payroll and/or withholding taxes for his employees.

I will make no argument on the merits of the case since I don’t know details. But the Mother Jones headline would have you believe that Batmasian, in effect, through his evasion, was a part of the 47%.

I don’t believe there is a connection.

However, reading to the end of the story there is this tidbit. Marta Batmasian spoke up and asked this of Romney

Right now, I’m very concerned…Women would not want to be involved for you. Hispanics, majority of them do not want to vote for you. College students don’t. After talking to them, and explaining and rationalizing on a one-on-one basis, we are able to change their opinions. But on a mass level, what do you want us to do, this group here, as your emissaries, going out to convert these individuals to someone who’s obviously going to be such an incredible asset to this country. We want you. But what do we do? Just tell us what we can help…

I believe that is a wonderful question that expresses her belief in Romney’s candidacy but yet recognizes that some voter segments who would be against him can be reached by one-on-one action. And Ms Batmasian wants to know how those efforts could be broadened.

Here is Romney’s response.

…Frankly, what I need you to do is to raise millions of dollars, because the president’s going to have about $800 to $900 million. And that’s—that’s by far the most important thing you could do.

So apparently Romney believes that these potential opposition voters, who his supporter has discovered respond well to clear, cogent reasoning, should simply be inundated with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of more ads which, as we all know, never truly deal with the issues voters are concerned about except in woefully inadequate sound bites.

And that goes for both major parties and all candidates.

To me Romney’s statement implies he has no idea how to get his message across to people other than his natural base, and the connotation is that he simply doesn’t give a shit about those voters and has nothing to offer them.

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