On Saturday Mitt Romney announced that he has chosen Rep. Paul Ryan (R.- Wisc.) as his Vice-presidential running mate. Democrats are dancing in the streets. Why? Because the choice of Ryan put the lie to Republicans’ cry for balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility and demonstrates how hypocritical they were…and are…in opposing the Affordable Care Act because it “takes $500 million from Medicare”.

The blatant truth, for those who do not already know it due to keeping their heads up each others conservative asses for the past four years, is that Republicans don’t give a damn if the budget is balanced so long as the rich pay lower taxes.

Republicans don’t care if $500 million is removed from Medicare (even if true..which it is not) because they’re going to throw seniors to the wolves, i.e. private insurers, and don’t give a damn if they can afford to buy health insurance or not, so long as the rich pay lower taxes.

The two proposed budgets Ryan has shepherded through the House of Representatives in 2011 and 2012 have both garnered unanimous Republican acceptance, enough to send them to the Senate where they have deservedly been rejected.

The problem is neither budget eliminates deficit spending or even begins to decrease the National Debt for at least 25 years or more. Keep that in mind the next time there is resistance to raising the debt ceiling.

Ryan has proposed that Medicare be changed to a voucher system where seniors or those otherwise eligible, e.g. the disabled, be given a federal subsidy to purchase health insurance on the open market, meaning from XYZ Health Insurance. (Motto: The hell with paying your claims, our executives need bonuses!)

The amount, $7500 and somewhat indexed for inflation, sounds generous but for those who have greater need for health care, as a rule, that amount may not be able to purchase full coverage when the vouchers would go into effect in 2023, but the premiums could easily be quite in excess of that amount which means you will be choosing between health insurance and luxuries such as food and shelter.

By the way, since this method would be mandatory for coverage, doesn’t that fly in the face of other objections to the ACA?

Furthermore. Ryan wants to privatize Social Security accounts. In other words, again throwing Americans to the wolves, this time the ones on Wall Street.

The fallacies in Ryan’s budget, the fact that he evaded attempts to compromise with the administration, the fact that he did not sign onto Simpson-Bowles which, while not perfect, had the advantage of pissing off both parties, so it must have had worth, all these expose Ryan for what he is not, and that is a responsible fiscal realist.

Instead he is most easily the hardest economic and budget idealogue, at least serving in Congress. His devotion to Ayn Rand and her sophistic economic and social philosophies is, or should be,  disturbing to anyone who supports fiscal responsibility but not at the cost of placing destructive burdens on the less fortunate.

Since Ryan is not a culture warrior it is anticipated that his focus will be on financial issues and, for the above reasons, his vulnerability is extreme.

I have been reading commentary on Romney’s choice and several people have noted that Ryan does not seem to fit the description that the Mittster laid forth for qualification for President, and by extension VEEP. Romney insists that a background in business is essential and that career politicians should not apply.

Ryan strikes out on both counts since he has not been involved in private enterprise and has, in fact, been in Congress 1/3 of his life. For those fact-checking me (and you know who you are) Ryan did have a summer sales job with Oscar Mayer and…yes…he did drive the Weinermobile. He also worked briefly with his family’s construction business after graduation from Miami University. Otherwise he spent time volunteering or working for current or former Congressmen or those seeking that office.

That is less business experience than I had in my five years managing my paper route for an hour a day.

I believe Democratic campaugn operatives are licking their chops to point out these deficiencies. The issues here should distract from the ridiculous attacks on Obama for various imagined offenses against the right on social and cultural issues.

If Paul Ryan is the latest incarnation of the Emperor of the Budget, the public will soon learn he wears no clothes.

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  • little_minx  On August 12, 2012 at 8:59 AM

    Bigots must be going nuts this year because, ironically, the only one of four major party Presidential/VP candidates with significant WASP blood is… Barack Obama!

  • little_minx  On August 17, 2012 at 2:45 PM

    Did you see THIS? Paul Ryan claims to be a fan of “Rage Against Machine,” but apparently he doesn’t listen closely to the lyrics!

    “Paul Ryan Is ‘Clueless’ About Rage Against The Machine, Tom Morello Says”:

    • umoc193  On August 17, 2012 at 3:30 PM

      I hadn’t caught this story yet, but I see where dave Mustaine of Megadeath claims that the Aurora and Sikh shootings were set up by Obama in order to expand gun control. Sex drugs and rock n roll ain’t always pretty.

      • little_minx  On August 17, 2012 at 5:53 PM

        Speaking of conspiracy theories, now there’s a “Swift Boat” type group attacking the President for his success in getting bin Laden.
        “Are ‘Swift Boat’ attacks on Obama bogus?”:
        (Answer is, “Hell no!”)

        “A group of former U.S. military and intelligence officers, including retired Navy SEALs, appear in a 22-minute documentary that was released on Wednesday asserting that the Obama administration has leaked considerable classified intelligence about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden for political gain…”

        • umoc193  On August 21, 2012 at 8:57 PM

          One of their main spokesman admits to being a birther.
          I don’t know how they can assert that Obama is NOT responsible for killing OBL. The facts speak for themselves. I hope this lie doesn’t gain traction.

  • little_minx  On August 22, 2012 at 12:05 PM

    The SEAL lies can gain traction the same way the “Swift Boat” one of 2004 against Kerry did — by Goebbels-like repetition, combined with insufficient refutation. Indeed, Romney is lately repeating the “pants-on-fire” whopper (thus deemed by even Politifact) falsely claiming that Obama wants to gut the work aspect of the welfare-to-work program.

    • umoc193  On August 22, 2012 at 12:27 PM

      I’ve mentioned my old friend who is on facebook and is very conservative. Yesterday she posted a link to one of those welfare ads and I commented that it was an outright lie and what Obama proposed was actually something Romney favored when he was governor. Later in the day the post was gone, or at least I couldn’t see it. Not sure what that means.

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