Our friend Gridley must be a battery because it seems that he is “ever ready” as  ire is raised these days at the least provocation and offense to any narrow minded pedant who is unfortunately granted a public forum in which to act out.

Take Ruth Ann Dailey. Please take Ruth Ann Dailey. The Post-Gazette columnist is an expert in converting molehills into mountains. Recently she highlighted a story from Lancaster County, Pa. that reported a local atheist had filed a discrimination lawsuit against a nearby restaurant. The offense? A discount is available to patrons who bring in a bulletin from their church on Sundays.

Gosh, Ms Dailey would have you believe the man is an idiot since, even if he doesn’t attend church, there is nothing to prevent him from sticking his head (and hand) inside one of the edifices and snatching up one of the mimeographed tickets granting the bearer the right to save 10% off his purchase.

Well that’s petty larceny for one thing. And I have reason to believe this discount is a dark kickback scheme designed to make whole those who tithe to their church. In fact, I have it on good authority that Mitt Romney used this method to build his personal fortune. After all, while at Bain Capital he forewent his own needs in order to create jobs for the less fortunate.

More recently we have had the good folks at ChikFilA embroiled (or possibly battered and emdeepfried) in controversy over…of all things…gay marriage.

It was a hell of a surprise to me that chickens married, let alone had gay sex. But I guess one way to look at it is that they are all peckers. And the owner, Dan Cathy, not being satisfied with guillotining fowl, also financially supports organizations opposed to letting the poor critters tie the knot before being led to slaughter.

Gays have countenanced boycotts/disruption of service while the good Christians out there (and you both know who you are) encourage profligate spending at the outlets to lend backing to Mr. Cathy. So, yes, they all WILL have fries with that.

I have suggested a compromise position. Both the pro and anti-gay forces should rally on a Sunday at their nearest ChikFilA and carry out their programs. That will cause the least inconvenience for customers who merely want to eat and allow the spending hordes to dispense their largesse into the winds.

(Psst. I know this is about human gay marriage, but the pecker joke wouldn’t have worked.)

In the midst of the frenzy, the company’s head of public relations died suddenly. A tragic end, no doubt, but in light of the wild accusation that the meaning of the northeast earthquakes was a warning to liberals, maybe this man’s demise is god’s Karmic response to refusing to recognize humans as…well, you know…humans.

Facebook is replete with postings from folks who find oppression or political unfairness at every turn. They particularly despise the “liberal media”. (You know, the same folks who gave overwhelming support to George and Dick’s not so excellent adventure in Iraq.) The harm to these folks’ sensitivities and beliefs and faith are immeasurable. In other words, true harm is virtually non-existent.

Now they fancy themselves fashion critics.

As you can see there is a huge bruhaha about how the First Lady and the First Lady Wannabe were treated in the press when each wore expensive clothes. I didn’t even fact-check this one. Oh, I tried. But googling the situation revealed nothing but page after page after page of umbrage in the blogosphere.  Don’t we have enough climate change without more umbrage clogging up the blogosphere?

All this reminds one of that television chestnut, Dynasty. There the women competed against each other in style, in money, in men, and in bitchiness.

I have heard or read nothing that would attribute bitchiness to either Michele Obama or Ann Romney. So it is barely imaginable that they would engage in the kind of cat fight Dynasty was famous for where two women would square off, begin screeching obcenities at each other, hiss and risk ruining a $200 manicure while clawing at each other, eventually slapping faces and pulling hair until their clothes get ripped and they collapse into a big vat of mud and wrestle and entangle limbs and……….

Sorry, got carried away. Anyone have a cigarette?

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  • little_minx  On August 1, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    You DO realize that Mr. Cathy’s devout religiosity is what inspired him not to allow CFA to be open on Sunday, don’t you, UMOC? So meeting up there on that day of the week will leave everyone rather, um, peckish.

    • umoc193  On August 1, 2012 at 2:10 PM

      Well, it being closed on Sunday would mean no inconvenience to customers due to any protest action, and as I said, the supporters’ could just as wee throw their money in the air. My FB frind I’ve mentioned occasionally posted one of those canned images with some slogan backing Chik and asking people to buy more there. I commented that they should do so the following Sunday and it was deleted….TWICE. Some folks have no sense of humor.

      On a personal note I’ve been invited to join a local writers’ group and my first meeting is tomorrow evening. I’m not sure what to expect but feel sharing the writing experience can be nothing but good.

  • little_minx  On August 1, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    Congratulations on the writers’ group!!! A friend in the Pgh. area belongs to one, and it’s done his writing a world of good, as well as lending (im?)moral support.

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