Child abandonment is the practice of relinquishing interests and claims over one’s offspring with the intent of never again resuming or reasserting them. Causes include many social and cultural factors as well as mental illness. It is a criminal offense for a number of reasons including the extra burden placed on society as a whole and often the government to care for these abandoned offspring. Thus they become wards of the welfare state.

But there is a severe case of abandonment that is constantly in the news, has resulted in legal proceedings where the parents were effectively rebuked, but that these same parents proudly brag about and unceasingly criticize surrogate parents willing to take in and nurture the abandoned to maturity.

Moreover the parents who have refused to do their duty maintain a stream of lies designed to separate the children from these surrogate parents and place them in jeopardy of eternal poverty and despair.

Ironically perhaps, these children were not created in the “normal” traditional manner but instead can be likened to “test tube” babies, themselves the products of experimentation and frequently ones that were utter failures.

In particular in 1993 some of these parents made a valiant attempt to conceive, going so far as trying to enlist as many as nearly 100 people as co-parents.

Alas the dream fizzled but the hopeful parents never tired of seeking fulfillment. And lo, it came to pass.

Massachusetts is home to a considerable number of our finest educational institutions, including those producing scholars in the arts, business, and the sciences; medicine and engineering being specialties.

In the early 200’s there was a man with vision, a man with foresight, a man who recognized that bringing this child into the world was what was best for the people he led in the Bay State. This child would set the standard and replicate until all of America could benefit from the child’s wisdom as it grew and adapted itself and acknowledged any faults while acting swiftly to learn from these faults and the mistakes that resulted.

And this child was conceived, came to full term, was born, and warmly embraced not only by this man’s family and circle of close friends but by critical thinkers across this great land who all became doting godparents.

But the child was not so popular with or even known about by the masses. There were no real attempts to bring forth siblings. The citizens of America stood to be deprived of the opportunity to expand their collective family with this child who promised to protect them from evil and assist them through the viscissitudes of life and to do so while allowing  access to this assistance to all, no matter their wealth.

There was much rhetoric on the problems this child was equipped to deal with yet few were willing to go so far as to actively move to bring their own children into this world or adopt the golden child and allow him to work his magic.

But there was a man, new on the stage of American public life, who freely and openly railed against the problems that this child was capable of addressing. Gradually, as he came to grow in his influence, he realized that this golden child did have the answers to the questions he raised and took steps to have this child accepted into the homes of all Americans.

Sure there was some resistance as some folks worried whether caring for this child would be a financial burden upon them. And our dear leader assured them that, whatever the extra burdens, the added benefits of having this child around vastly outweighed any possible burdens.

But surprisingly the very folks who had experimented in the first place with this child’s test tube creation, suddenly rejected the entire notion of the existence of the child.

Horrifyingly they viciously attacked this child even as they dropped it like a hot potato. The child was deemed the spawn of Satan, the offspring of despots, and lie after lie after lie was spewed to the public to convince them to reject this foundling, nay, even to destroy it.

Appallingly the man who had the guts to give life to this child now denied paternity and refused all demands for DNA testing. He thoroughly and disgustingly abandoned his offspring, leaving it to the wolves in the wilderness to raise while simultaneously dispatching hunting parties to kill the wolves.

He made speeches saying that, if he did conceive such a child…which he would never admit… it certainly bore no resemblance to the child conceived by this new foolish leader. Never mind that his child was thriving back in Massachusetts and there was no difficulty procuring baby-sitters.

It was as if this child had become a bricklayer against his father’s desire for him to train as an architect and now the father disowned him for being willing to live and exist among the working class.

He even encouraged legal battles challenging the legitimacy of the national child and resorted to nonsensical sputterings when a judge ruled the child could live and hadn’t even used the Solomonic threat to divide the child.

Now we will watch and observe as this child, with renewed vigor, will be able to cope with the trauma caused by its virtual parents’ abandonment. Scabs have been torn open on the psychic wounds this frail youngster has suffered and only time will tell if the subsequent scar tissue will be only a mark of the trauma or will instead impede the future life of the Affordable Care Act.

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