The Mittster is at it again. This man is so far out of touch with reality and what real people actually think, feel and believe, and how they live,  that he makes the most asinine statements again and again and again.

Today he gave the commencement address at Anti-Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.  I refer to the school that way because its repressive policies governing student life are completely antithetical to its name. They are so strict that Torquemada would be considered a liberal commie socialist pinko for having too permissive standards.

If Romney went there with the notion of addressing students and gently chiding the university about its backward views, that would be one thing. It would be out of place to perform a full frontal assault (though full frontal is probably unknown to the drones there).

But Romney’s appearance at such a forum leaves no reasonable impression save that he wants to lend his personal imprimatur to the administration.

If gracing Anti-Liberty with his presence were itself not further indicia of his being out of touch, an interview he granted with a Charlotte, N.C. radio station adds further emphasis.

Mitt Romney said the protesters rallying against Bank of America in Charlotte this week are too young “to really understand how the economy works.”

“Unfortunately, a lot of young folks haven’t had the opportunity to really understand how the economy works, and what it takes to put people to work in real jobs, and why we have banks, and what banks do,” Romney told WBTV in Charlotte, according to National Journal. “It’s a very understandable sentiment if you don’t find a job, and you can’t see rising incomes. You’re going to be angry and looking at someone to blame.” 

Mitt asserts that the “kids” don’t understand the economy?

He’s the guy who was against the government helping the auto industry but now claims credit for its recovery.

He’s the guy who led his investors into taking over companies in hopes of making a profit. Whether jobs were added or shed was irrelevant.

He’s the guy who referred to the $350,000 in speaking fees he earned in a year as “not very much money”.

He’s the guy whose wife said she doesn’t consider herself wealthy, though the couple took in $42 million in 2010-2011 and is worth at least $200 million.

He’s the guy who is now defending Bank of America (BOA) and declaring protesters against the bank don’t know what they are doing.

It is Romney who is ignorant or misinformed or simply excuses BOA sins as just doing business.

BOA was forced to pay $1 million to an employee it had wrongfully terminated for blowing the whistle on wrongdoing.

BOA had to pay a settlement of $20 million for wrongful foreclosures on members of the military.

BOA has foreclosed on homes on which it never held the mortgage.

I could go on.

Mitt, those kids you chastise for being too young to know how the economy works are wise beyond their years compared to you and your utter ignorance of what anyone but the rich have to do to make their way through life.

Tom Hanks may have been sleepless in Seattle but Mitt Romney is clueless where ‘eer he goes.

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