Many of my conservative/Republican friends are upset about the huge deficits the federal government runs. They complain the Obama administration keeps piling on the spending and not really addressing the problem. They have every right to be upset, particularly since we entered this new millennium having budget surpluses.

I’m not going to re-live the budget battles of last summer when the national debt ceiling was a topic on nearly everyone’s lips for a time. Nor will I overly excoriate George W. Bush who began leading us back down this path after the Clinton surpluses when he insisted on two rounds of major tax cuts, the second one after he started two wars that he had no plans how to pay for.

You know, draining over $2 billion per week from the country’s wealth with no way to replace it is a major accomplishment.

But I will point out the folly of listening to the blather egested by the Republican Presidential candidates (remember 9-9-9?), current members of Congress, and those folks running for office back home in the 2012 fall elections. They all claim that their proposals for the budget will eliminate fat, impose fairness on taxes, and produce wonderful improvements in the economy.


Here is how.

Republicans rail on and on about how continued deficits add to the national Debt. Yet their own budget proposals do absolutely nothing to eliminate deficits and actually increase them. In addition deficits will increase if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is either overturned by the Supreme Court or repealed by Congress.

That latter fact is the subject of a new General Accountability Office (GAO) report issuing its spring, 2012, long term fiscal outlook.

The report examines alternative scenarios with one showing less growth and that is the baseline extended simulation. That is, the fiscal goals of the Budget Control Act (BCA) of 2011 are continued and the ACA remains intact and is fully implemented.

Remember the BCA? That was the law that brought an end to the crisis surrounding the raising of the debt limit last summer. It put certain budget responsibilities into the hands of a “Super Committee” with certain cuts, short and long term, to go into effect if the committee failed to reach agreement.

Well, guess what? The Super Committee encountered a fatal dose of kryptonite and did nothing. So the automatic provisions were invoked.

But the GAO’s alternative scenario uses a simulation if those provisions are not followed, the Bush Tax Cuts are extended again, and the ACA vanishes. In such case the deficit soars.

You may recall that in January President Obama announced cuts in defense spending over the next decade of about $470 billion. The Iraq war has ended and we are due to exit Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

Really just a drop in the bucket considering the Department of Defense’s budget for FY 2012 is over $700 billion PLUS over $300 billion addition spending through other departments but defense-related and the interest on our war debt. So cutting $47 billion per year, on average, from a $1 trillion budget is piddling.

Rep. Paul Ryan again offered a budget proposal in the House of Representatives:

Chairman Ryan’s proposal addresses Medicare, but not defense. In fact, he seeks to increase defense spending, going against what was agreed to and signed into law in the Budget Control Act last August. The Ryan plan would allow defense spending to grow, despite the drawdown on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That’s an observation from The National Review, hardly a liberal organ.

I said Ryan again offered a budget proposal. His “Path to Prosperity” issued in 2011 would have continued deficits for about forty years, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). This new budget does not end deficits either.

Now with continuing deficits, no matter the amount, the National Debt will keep growing. It is a mathematical certainty. Yet, look at the resistance to increasing the debt limit in last year’s Congress. And look at the ridiculous and unkeepable promises made by many Republicans  to NEVER raise the limit even though they can’t balance the budget either.

One example is this campaign ad from Tom Smith, Republican candidate for Senator in Pennsylvania for the seat currently held by Bob Casey.

They LIE!

I won’t get into the particulars of the Ryan proposal and how it again cuts taxes on the wealthy while giving a pittance to everyone else. Or how my fellow seniors may lose Medicare as we know it.

President Obama addressed this budget proposal and criticized Mitt Romney for supporting it.

“It is a Trojan horse,” Obama said. “Disguised as deficit-reduction plans, it is really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. It is thinly veiled social Darwinism.” (Social Darwinism is a sociological theory positing that elite classes of the wealthy and powerful possess biological superiority and advance via inter-group conflict.)

I have a better description. It’s a Trojan all right, but not a horse, and not an athlete from USC. It’s the Trojan that’s donned just before you’re going to screw someone.

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