On Wednesday a campaign aide to Mitt Romney projected an image for the candidate that might not be desirable. He stated that during primary season Mitt had to take more extreme positions to keep his rivals for the nomination from gaining an advantage on some issues. But this aide noted that, once the nomination is secured, for the fall campaign Romney will essentially abandon some of these extreme positions and appeal more to the mainstream electorate.

This aide likened this coming change to an Etch-A-Sketch, the toy on which a child creates images and then, to start over, merely shakes the board up.

Pundits, commentators, bloggers and ordinary people sat up and took notice, probably generating a run on the toys as they appeared everywhere in news stories and on TV talking head shows.

This got me thinking about what toys might best represent the other Republican candidates, current and past. here goes:

Newt Gingrich……Given his reputation, this toy is apt not so much for the toy itself but for its name

Just watching him also evokes images of this:

Michelle Bachmann……She is long gone from the campaign, but in light of her penchant for talking off the top of her head:


Ron Paul……Not a toy per se but most assuredly a plaything for ventriloquist Jeff Dunham:

Mr. Paul has also taken a strong stance on another topic on a substance that millions like to play with:

Herman Cain…The Hermanator built his quick-disappearing campaign around his 9-9-9 tax reform plan. The problem was, not even he understood it, resulting in this toy image:

Rick Perry……The Texas governor entered the race as a front-runner but ended up a near laughing stock due to his many mishaps. It’s like his campaign was a toy train and he was doing this:

Rick Santorum……Famous for claiming that homosexual sex/marriage would inevitably lead to “man on dog”:

He also looks extremely unfavorably on contraception, limiting his approval to abstinence and this:

Mitt Romney……Not only can the Mittster be found with Etch-A-Sketch in hand, his frequent change of political positions means he probably carries one of these, too:

Finally, all these candidates have traversed many miles as they’ve careened from debate to debate and primary to primary. This is their principal mode of transportation:

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