Over the past 3 1/2 years or so there has been a constant barrage  of attacks on President Obama calling him a socialist. Well if you know anything about socialism you realize this accusation is nowhere near being true.

Furthermore if you ask someone who opposes the Affordable Care Act (known as Obamacare, but I refuse to use that term) why they hate that law so much, a common response is that it is government run health care and socialism.

Yet, many of the same individuals are huge pro football fans, posting logos of their favorite teams on Facebook or even using them as their status photo. During the season they lead cheers or relate their experiences attending games or watching them with groups at a bar.

Odd then, is it not, that these folks so decry socialism when the National Football League is such a socialistic enterprise.

Look at its structure. Though the 32 teams are individually owned they share revenue from ticket sales and TV rights, regardless of their own ability to draw fans to their stadiums or viewers to their games.

Corporations, the hallmark and pinnacle of free enterprise capitalism, are not allowed to own teams. The one exception is the Green Bay Packers which is community owned through stock sales. But no dividends are issued to those stockholders regardless of how profitable the team is (VERY!).

The pay scale for their most valuable employees is set with both a minimum and a maximum per team.

There is a minimum wage for all players and no cap per player, but with the team caps a better, more experienced, higher paid player often must be released in favor of a younger, less experienced and possibly worse player who will cost fewer dollars. Think Hines Ward. Hardly a meritocracy, eh?

Worse, for taxpayers, the NFL’s stadiums have largely been built either totally or partially at public expense, sometimes leading to dilemmas such as this one in Cincinnati.  http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20120308/NEWS/303080171/Stadiums-deficit-still-tricky-tackle

Pro football fans can be deprived of watching their favorite teams on television. The NFL has a rule that for home games to be televised, the stadium must be sold out 72 hours prior to a game. If you live anywhere near Jacksonville, this has been your reality the past several years. (Hey, it might be for your own good, considering the Jaguars’ play!)

Though the NFL commissioner serves to benefit the league as a whole and as a single entity, he is chosen and paid by the individual owners with players having no say. Yet, in all disciplinary matters from drug use, off-field criminal offenses (or mere suspicion without charges—ask Ben Rothliesberger), to what is claimed to be wrongful physical contact on the field of play, the commissioner is king. In the latter case players can be fined even if the contact was legal under the rules and not penalized  during the game.

And lastly, surely to the horror of the anti-socialist critics, the NFL permits a LABOR UNION!

Can the collapse of the Republic be far behind?

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