I am lost. No news to those who know me personally, but for those familiar with UMOC only through this blog you will be surprised to learn that I’m stumped for an answer. It rarely happens to me. I have been told through the years that the three words “I don’t know” are basically in a foreign language utterly unfathomable to me. I am surprised I was able to type them coherently.

My dilemma is this. If not already a dilemma it is rapidly approaching that level of undecideability. It is a conundrum. An enigma. A Gordian knot. A Sword of Damocles. I may be left with a Hobson’s choice. I may be between a rock and a hard place. I may have to settle for half a loaf. I feel as if torn between two lovers. I am in a Catch 22. Ah, hell, I may be just shit out of luck.

Before I fully explain and seek your counsel, let me review.

My political leanings have been developed over sixty years of observing politics having given full attention to the nominating conventions of the fifties. In 1960, as did my Republican family, I wholeheartedly supported Richard Nixon for President. In 1968 I voted for him. In the interim I flirted with admiration for Barry Goldwater.

From there it was a haphazard journey to becoming the unabashed liberal I am today. From original registration as a Republican, to changing to Democrat in the seventies and then a registered Independent since the nineties, I have voted for members of both parties on a regular basis. I usually look to the more liberal one, though in many local elections that is not even a factor.

I don’t necessarily examine their liberal bona fides but do look for their views on several issues important to me. No candidates/politicians approach perfection in their adherence to one side or the other, but consistency is important.

Fast forward to  2000.  George W. Bush was not elected President, unless you call a 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court an election. But Gore conceded and for the betterment of the country most of the rest of us grudgingly accepted Bush as legitimate.

In 2004, after Bush had initiated a war in Afghanistan I hated, and manufactured a war in Iraq that totally infuriated me, I turned to any Democrat to get rid of Dubya. To my despair, the one who emerged,  John Kerry,  apparently had forfeited the fighting spirit he exhibited as a Swift Boat commander in Vietnam then as an outspoken critic of that very war upon his separation from the military.

Damned if Bush didn’t win, this time with actual votes submitted the normal way, in a ballot box. So we had to endure another four years of Papa Smirk and the Smirk family. Oh how I wanted to smack the shit out of him to wipe that perpetual smirk off his little blue face. Cheney and Rumsfeld would have been perfect targets for the same treatment.

So now we’re at 2008 when, with the economy tanking and wars continuing, the White house was ripe for plucking by almost any Democrat who had never been caught molesting the domestic help.

A fast-rising Illinois politician, Barack Obama, moved from the horizon to the fore. In a tough nomination battle narrowed down to between him and Hillary Cinton, he emerged as the nominee. He fairly trounced the GOP nominee, John McCain and after the first Tuesday in November we had our first President with Negro blood. A black man. An African American.  The historical signifigance was nearly overwhelming to anyone of color, or who had borne witness to the meanness and often horror of segregation.

But I voted for Obama because I honestly believed he had the right vision for the country. He would, I felt confident, soon reverse the destructive and expensive conduct of two wars. He would vigorously push for reforms in our health care system which is expensive and inefficient and doesn’t protect even working families very well. He would end the reprehensible use of Guantanamo as a prison. He would cease the excesses of Bush achieved through the Patriot Act or simply by ignoring the law.

With Democrats in control of Congress I expected Obama to propose and have passed legislation that would benefit the majority, not just the wealthy and would restore the marginal tax rate to what it had been under Clinton.

Now since his inauguration Obama has scaled back an economic stimulus act to appease Republicans, allowed GOP interference to water down his health care reform, half-heartedlymoved toward ending one war while simultaneously broadly expanding the other. He has not closed Guantanamo. He has not ended civil rights abuses by those claiming to act in the name of national security.

Despite all the assertions from the right that Obama is a wild-eyed Socialist, he’s not even a liberal, more like Republican Lite. For those familiar with Bud Light, Miller Lite, or Coors Light, you know how insipid that is. Turns out voting for Obama was like entering a bar and ordering what you think is a fine world-class beer. The first few sips are wonderful, but you begin to realize they’ve watered down the product. By the time you get to the bottom of your glass you feel cheated.

I want a full-bodied brew. One that asserts itself like Guinness or Yuengling Black and Tan or one of those craft beers from a micro-brewer that can stand on their own and are not used merely to wash down an otherwise unpalatable meal.

Watching the Bush tax cuts being extended for even the rich was unpalatable but I washed it down with the Republican Lite of extended unemployment benefits and the repeal of DADT.

Watching the debt ceiling battle was unpalatable but I washed it down with Republican Lite in the form of no immediate severe cuts in the “entitlements” and possible roadblocks ahead in slashing them.

Dammit! I want a more robust brew. One that asserts itself. One that stands out from the crowd. One that, if someone sees me with a big mug of it in my hand, there is this reaction, ” That man knows his beer!!!”

Please help me shop for this ideal concoction. I’d like to stock up with eight years worth. I’d be willing to toss out the four years worth of the Lite stuff (not The Right Stuff) I have remaining in my cooler.

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  • thescarletpumpernickel  On August 22, 2011 at 9:41 AM


    Revelation 3:16


    • umoc193  On August 22, 2011 at 12:02 PM

      Oh I’m not lukewarm. I’m hot—hot with anger. How did we get to this place?

  • thescarletpumpernickel  On August 23, 2011 at 8:32 AM

    Wasn’t refering to you.

    Was refering to milquetoast Obama.


    • umoc193  On August 23, 2011 at 1:39 PM

      Ok, thought you were referring to my attitude towards Obama, since I will only tepidly favor him over any other potential candidate, and I was affirming that on the issue I am not lukewarm but extremely hot in my anger and disappointment and lack of choices.

      Let’s go drink some beer.

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