A camel is a horse designed by
We finally have an agreement to raise the debt ceiling and lower the standards of government. It has been constructed much like a patchwork quilt, with bits and pieces from here and bits and pieces from there. There have been committees, gangs of six, sissy boys holding their breath until they turn blue (Eric Cantor) and petulant outbursts from strangely tinted Buckeyes.
Yes, we have a group of collaborators convening with every intention of creating a super horse and ending up the architects of the ugliest  meanest camel in existence.
Appropriately enough the mutant creature spits out the front and shits out the back, but has enough built-in humps to supply a large stable of the ships of the desert.
And this camel most certainly will be traversing the desert on a horse’s ass with A name, one President Barack Obama. And the desert it will be traversing is the wasteland of the American economy that is destined to be, due to the short-sighted, narrow-minded, pedantic whores occupying the two large chambers in our Capitol.
Yes, those with nostalgic fondness for the nineteen thirties may soon be able to experience that period close up.  I hear the latest episode in The Thin Man series is already in production. Fred and Ginger will be repersonified in physical entities bearing a remarkable resemblance to Hines Ward and Kirstie Alley.
I myself am not focused on entertainment or style. Instead I have arranged for a steady supply of pencils to purvey and a variety of colorful cups to hold them and the stray coins I might generate, all the better to eschew boring the hedge fund managers and commodities speculators hustling past me on the street on their way to get their voluntary annual payment of $25 to the federal government in the mail. After all, there has been a steady call for sacrifice and they ARE doing their part.
While there is practically no elected resident within the 212 area code lacking fault for this zoological disaster, our Commander in Chief draws my primary ire. Recently I opposed the exclamations of his lack of leadership since it was evident that the Republicans in Congress, with the split in control,  wielded huge leverage that they exercised with the full and only intent to NOT follow his lead because they were hell bent on destroying Obama.
But there is this formidable Constitutional empowerment for the Executive branch called the VETO!! Once the Senate meekly acquiesced in passing this travesty legislation today, I was rushing to Washington, D.C. fully prepared to offer my own balls up for transplant to Barry so he would scrawl an enormous X across the bill, rip it in half, light the pieces on fire and shove them up the asses of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.
Alas, I arrived too late to serve my nation.
The many humps of this neonatal camel to which I referred earlier are the potential—nay, almost certain—obstacles to be encountered as the legislation is effectuated.
Chief among these obstacles may be, indeed should be, the constitutional challenges likely to be mounted. This law abidcates the Constitutional responsibility of Congress to pass legislation in at least three ways. The first two are the powers granted to the President to further raise the debt ceiling of his own volition absent a super majority 2/3 vote of both houses to disapprove.
The third is the super secret Sub-Congress established to impose further spending cuts. Now “sub”, in sexual kinkiness parlance (so I am told), has its own connotations. In this case the  members of that non-august body  will deserve the floggings they receive with whips, wide leather belts, and cats-o’-nine-tails that would be employed with participants in the sexual acts that designation entails. (Anthony Weiner is already appealing his resignation from the House.)
Of course sadism always rears its ugly head when:
What we’ve got here is a failure to
Donn Pearce (Author of Cool Hand Luke)

But then perhaps Congress did really communicate with the folks out here in America. Unfortunately the message seems to be “SCREW YOU!”

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