Well, it’s done. The White House and Congressional leaders have agreed on a plan to cut federal spending and up the debt limit.

What bullshit. Forget what I said in my last post about Obama’s leadership. True, he was trying to lead a bunch of assholes whose only aim is to see him defeated for re-election.

The votes on raising that ceiling have been pretty routine over the years and should have been in this instance.

The President, once it became clear the intransigence of the Republicans not serving their country would not change, no matter the damage to the country and the Constitution they, especially the tea baggers, profess to hold in such high regard, he should have told them to go ahead and be the assholes they are and let the USA default.

Full disclaimer. I am on Social Security and use Medicare, so I may have been personally affected if those benefits remained unpaid.

Despite my personal concern, I vote to JUST SAY NO to Congress and ask them to reject this compromise. Of course that may not work in the House of representatives where the GOP is in the majority. But they have eighty tea baggers in that body who still may not favor the compromise because Obama was not forced to resign, admitting that his birth certificate was forged and he remains a Kenyan citizen.

No tax increases or any revenue enhancement of any kind are included.

I see three possible positives for those of us who believe any sacrifices should be shared by all.

1. There are major cuts in defense spending, though our wars continue.

2. If certain goals are not met that will trigger the automatic expiration (at last) of the so very destructive Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003.

3. At least the ceiling is raised enough so that it is extremely unlikely we will face this fight again before the next election.

The biggest negative is that the so-called entitlements are slated for severe cuts. I believe that is a travesty perpetrated upon folks who rightly believe they have a contract with America to have these insurance benefits available. I would still feel that way if my personal benefits go untouched.

The call for a Balanced Budget Amendment in the deal, an idea whose time has not and will never come, is an insult to our collective intelligence and if ever passed, would prove devastating to our government’s ability to operate and potentially could disrupt the economy.

Fortunately, unless Senate Democrats are given large doses of hallucinatory drugs before a vote (or more appropriately roofies since they’d be about to be unwillingly fucked) that proposal will never pass.

Now for all the congratulatory noise about $2.5 trillion in spending cuts, my understanding is that they will all be spread over ten years so effectively you’re cutting $250 billion each year. Now that ain’t hay but that’s barely more than half of what we spend yearly on interest on the national debt.

Details will come out later this morning, so my thoughts may not be totally correct on that.

But in the final analysis this deal is simply bad for the country. It doesn’t matter what it does to public (read voters) perception of Obama and the Democrats. It is just wrong.

So in the Senate today, JUST SAY NO!

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