There has been an outcry over President Barack Obama’s lack of leadership in this (manufactured) debt crisis. In many forums liberals have complained. Everywhere else (you know, on Fox) Republicans have complained that Obama has yet to submit his own plan.

Well excuse me, but the President cannot himself formally introduce legislation. His thoughts and ideas would normally be channelled through his party’s leadership in Congress.

Too, the President can make known his wishes in many ways, including national addresses and suggesting legislation be crafted along those lines.

In this specific case Obama has had a number of meetings with Congress where he HAS set forth a detailed proposal in trying to forge a compromise on the sticky issue that can then be introduced as a bill and hopefully enacted.

And further consider this. One assumes that any Obama offering would include revenue measures and by Constitution those bills have to originate in the House.

In light of Republican control of that chamber it is almost certain that Obama prepared legislation that Democrats would introduce there would be dead in the water. (Which is a wonderful thought of the way to deal with the tea bagger intransigents—OH the irony!) (And it’s a JOKE!!!)

He’s semi-tried his bully pulpit. Earlier he talked to Americans at town hall meetings (anyone with a teabag hanging from a hat excluded of course).

And at the meetings he has had with Boehner and McConnell and that sniveling jock itch irritant Cantor he has been variously described as conciliatory, demanding, angry, and all ears (no pun intended).

But yet the GOP leaders go back for consultation with not their own fellow legislators but a non-elected, self-appointed Czar of Protecting the Pocketbooks of The Folks So Rich They Can Buy and Sell Your Ass (Grover Norquist) who may, in fact, be a puppet refugee from a children’s TV show being manipulated by the hand of Arthur Laffer up his butt.

Further, despite the general view of Obama as this great liberal, no, even a socialist, he has consistently been willing to go against his own base and concede that steps need be taken, even drastic steps, to cut spending on the very programs deemed socialistic by the narrow-minded pinheads among our political class and punditry classless.

Some would argue that the willingness to do this means Obama is abandoning his liberal ideals. But all along he has been a moderate in actions, if not in rhetoric. Weren’t we all taught that actions speak louder than words?

So for those who denigrate Obama’s leadership skills, at least in these circumstances, let me ask this.

If you are all alone in a wilderness, save for being surrounded by strange vicious creatures who have the power to solve the world’s problems but instead are hellbent on destroying you no matter the cost to the world, who the hell do you lead?


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  • bird  On July 31, 2011 at 1:27 PM

    Wow. Powerful post. And, I agree with you politically.

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