Though those words have negative connotations as they emanated from the lips of one Richard M. Nixon when his intention was anything but, my own demand to immediately and forever remove our troops from Afghanistan has no obfuscation, ambiguity or uncertainty.


I did not listen to President Obama’s speech last night nor did I need to. I have beat the drum for withdrawal on this blog on several occasions and nothing that has happened subsequently has changed my mind.

I do not care if Osama Bin Laden has been tracked down and murdered.

I do not care if that, by withdrawal the Taliban are strengthened and gain complete control of Afghanistan. They are welcome to that flea-bitten, ungovernable piece of acreage that largely remains in the 13th century.

George and Barack’s not even close to excellent adventure has been a colossal waste of American resources, the most important of course being young American lives and bodies, but also of our finances which could have resulted in either deficit reduction or dedicated to infrastructure building and repair within our own borders rather than thousands of miles away.

And Barack is very much included in my complaint as, even though George began this fiasco, Barack has taken ownership of it.

And let’s not forget Iraq, for this reason if no other. After all, we are fully committed to complete withdrawal from Iraq, except, of course, for the troops we will leave there for the foreseeable future.

Oh, yeah, that’s right. Regardless of pronounced justifications for both wars, the fact is that both actions were taken as revenge for 9/11. That is why they drew widespread support at the time.

Now let me get this straight. We were taking revenge for the 3000 Americans’ killed that September morning and by doing so we ourselves have killed twice as many of our citizens, permanently crippled probably five times as many if not more, and nearly bankrupted our country as well as had our government greatly infringe upon our rights.

If Al Qaeda was truly out to destroy the American way of life, what they could in no way ever do with their criminal murders, they have sat back and watched us do to ourselves.


Only it is no joke. It is a horror show, a slasher movie with no end in sight.

If anyone who reads this can present one cogent, logical, rational, indisputable argument for remaining in Afghanistan, please let me know. I am curious.

In the meantime, fearing no charges of repetition, I again demand


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