My lips thirst for the Sting     
Tabasco sauce reigns
Numbing hot sauce is my Thing 
And nothing of it pains
Dave’s Insanity is anything but
If its drops are placed
Judiciously and then
With milk its danger can be cut
And with safety can be faced
But still enjoyed by men
McIlhenny family be praised
Their variants abound
All the peppers they have raised
Are products of the ground
Jalopeno and tabasco, too
Can roast to be Chipotle
It’s now become a chain
Our tangy appetites woo
Simply put in a bottle
In short time I will drain
My brow with many beads of sweat
Is proof of my delight
A feeling I can only get
By using sauces right
Louisiana Supreme feeds the need
And Cayenne derived will serve
To get my food in shape
To receive hotter sauce with speed
No heat will make me lose my nerve
Or ever the heat escape
On burgers, dogs and chicken breast
The flavor is enhanced
I can’t give all that sauce a rest
In joy I’ve often danced
To lick sauce off my fingers
Adds sublimity
To the overall enjoyment
That makes my lips feel zingers
With unanimity
For meals sauce brings content
Frank’s Red Hot is great or so we’re told
But other sauces are a must
If you are truly bold
You will try them and trust
All others they will pale
Compared to the pepper known as ghost
Bhut Jolokia could eat through rust
Hottest on Scoville Scale
So for heat it has the most
For it I often lust
My ode is at its natural end
My words I’ve used enough
With hope I’ve set a trend
That you should sweat the hot stuff
So share with me a meal
Using hot sauces galore
As you proclaim throughout the land
Exactly how you feel
That all hot sauce you now adore
It makes your food taste grand
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