Today’s entry by Reg Henry in his “Reg On Wry” blog in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette offers a unique proposition. Reg has been besieged by readers asserting to him by email that President Barack Obama has a number of conspiracies swirling about him, refusing to accept any palpable evidence to the contrary.

Reg posited that, in the matter of the death photos of Osama Bin Laden there may be a conspiracy or at least a political calculation at work which goes something like this.

Release of the photos to the public could potentially inflame Muslim extremisits, provoking them to violent attacks. By appearing to take the high road by not releasing the photos, Obama can use this rationale to refuse the pressure to do so.

But Obama understands a Freedom Of Information Act request for their disclosure might very well be successful. If so, and the pics have to be made public and the militants do take action, he can very easily assert “I told you so” to deflect blame for this reaction.

Here’s the entire piece, worth reading for a much better presentation of this idea.

Here’s some suggestions how this same strategy could be used in Obama’s favor on other issues, all geared to the 2012 election.

Forbid the Labor Department from releasing employment figures and fight FOIA requests till just before the 2012 election when the numbers reveal that no one in the country remains out of work and indeed most Americans have to work two jobs because of demand………And none of these jobs are going to  illegal immigrants.

Refuse to discuss dollar figures for implementation of Obamacare or any study on its effects until the last minute when they show that no American is now in debt due to health care issues, Medicare is now projected to be solvent until the year 2543 or the next Mayan Calendar’s prediction of the Earth’s demise, whichever is later, and any costs incurred by the states have been returned to them fivefold.

The mystery of why no reports have been forthcoming from U.S. correspondents in Iraq and Afghanistan is solved when the release of secret satellite photos reveal we have no military presence remaining there and our home bases are overcrowded with the returned troops.

Rumors about Obama meeting with all of America’s billionaires and many of its multi-multi-millionaires at Camp David are followed up by a lawsuit filed to learn who attended that meeting, such as was done when Dick Cheney met with energy interests.

Unlike that case however, it turns out all the members of the Supreme Court, including those on the distaff side, have grown balls and force the disclosure. Not only is the list made public but also the agreement they unanimously approved whereby they will now be subject to a 75% marginal tax rate on all income over $1 million, including capital gains.

The boom in revenues, together with the costs saved from no war, guarantees not only a balanced budget but will wipe out the national debt by the time Obama leaves office, assuring the solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund and leading Obama to present a message to China just as he yields to his successor, Ivana Trump, elected on the Socialist Party Ticket.

The message is “Fuck You”

Finally, with the birther controversy still simmering, the weekend before the election Obama’s true Birth Certificate is found. It seems his real father was not Barack Obama, Sr. but rather Sam Dullperson of Omaha, Nebraska, a white insurance salesman.

Mr. Dullperson, an undiagnosed Dyslexic, in a desire to have his baby son achieve the American dream of becoming President, somehow believes he will have a greater chance to do so some forty years hence by appearing to be more exotic. So he has the baby injected with high doses of melanin to darken his skin and decides to name him after his hometown, but misspells it.

It also develops that instead of going to Indonesia for some of his formative school years Obama actually spent that period in a 4-H camp in South Carolina, taking lessons in cultivating marijuana.

Take that, Jesse Ventura!

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  • Deke  On May 13, 2011 at 7:42 PM

    My thoughts on the photos are simply that they will remain secured within the CIA. National Security will be the reason.
    Speaking of SCOTUS UMOC, it touches a sore spot with me. The fact that neither Thomas or Scalia did not recuse themselves from hearing certain cases that they had indirect interests on galls me. I thought there were federal rules for that. Especially Citizens United where the Tea Party stood to gain. And old lady Thomas was the head of one of the Parties who stood to gain. We keep going down the slippery slope and Fascism is waiting at the bottom.

    • umoc193  On May 13, 2011 at 9:42 PM

      Recusals of SCOTUS justices is always frustrating no matter which side you’re on. The ultimate problem is who is going to force compliance with any standards short of impeachment proceedings? Besides, the effect of “indirect interests” is difficult to define and enters a murky realm in any event.

      I don’t share your pessimism. I do see disturbing trends but I also find cyclical patterns in many of these shifts in moving left to right and back again. Unfortunately at this time the squeaky wheel getting the grease is the far right. But I see the possibility that a resounding electoral defeat, at least in the Presidency, in 2012 will stem the tide much as Goldwater’s loss in ’64 destroyed conservative momentum at that time.

  • Deke  On May 14, 2011 at 10:00 AM

    I’m up at my Somerset place fishing. The rain came so I’m on my lap top. Its the relationship of these justices with the Koch brothers that is my concern along with a corporate shill like Holder heading up the DOJ. I hioe your theory pans out.

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