I have not been afraid to criticize President Obama’s performance regardless of the fact I supported him in his campaign and voted for him in the 2008 election and was happy to see him inaururated. But he has had some successes, most notably passage of health care reform legislation.

I have been discussing Obama’s actions with a group of people online who range from ultraliberal to most assuredly conservative, though I have never heard the same garbage emanating from them that I attack later in this piece. And their criticism of Obama may be even more pointed than mine, not without justification.

But there are other accomplishments of Obama, other legislation passed, beisdes health care. And there are areas of foreign policy where he has shown admirable restraint, such as in Egypt, and others where he, and his very capable Secretary Of State, Hillary Clinton, have practiced…you know…actual diplomacy.

But obviously for those of us who heartily supported him it has been a rough ride. For those who merely were resigned to his Presidency and perhaps took heart in his rhetoric and hoped he would follow through on change, I’m sure the reaction is more cynical.

However, those who vehemently opposed him from the start or those who criticized him as part of the standard political opposition process, their views have been far from vindicated.

In fact that, to those of us on the left who had anticipations that have been sorely disappointed, the continued relentless damnation of him by at least some elements of the right when he has become more accommodating in practice to many of their stated principles is more indicative of total irrationality and/or outright racism.

All the vituperation that I have read of him in the chain emails too often cluttering my inbox has painted him as this radical, secret Muslim or Muslim sympathizer utterly devoted to his socialist/communist agenda to transform America into this subservient colony kowtowing to the empire of the evil reincarnation of Karl Muhammed Marx and Mao Abdullah Tse Tung has indoctrinated me into automatically recoiling at any negative expressions aimed Obama’s way and challenging my own desire, whatever partisanship flows through my veins, to look at our Head of State objectively and, sadly come to the conclusion that he ain’t who I thought he was.

Couple that with the danger that the alternative to supporting Obama is to surrender to a group of politicians whose every public statement and every written proposal and every piece of introduced legislation is nothing but code for promoting the idea that the have-nots in this country are nothing but pieces of shit leeches unentitled to any of the blatant giveaways they receive when that money would be better awarded to the filthy rich bastards who already have enough bucks to buy and sell the vast majority of us.

As much as I’ve characterized Obama’s warlike ventures and terrorist fighting tactics as moral failures, I find the entirety of what the Tea Party is promulgating that has been adopted by Republican leadership to be so morally repugnant that the alleged human beings who are the face of that movement should be publicly shamed.

So whatever my opposition to Obama’s actions on any level, I find it utterly horrifying to think that if he had lost the election, the person sitting one heart beat from the Presidency of an elderly patronage who not only would have been demonstrably worse in policies and practice but who, like his purported hero Ronald Wilson Reagan might, just might possibly be exhibiting early signs of dementia, would be one Sarah Palin.

Such scary tales are usually wielded by parents as threats to get their kids to behave.

As ancillary to that we face the prospect that in next year’s election the other choice will be someone who has been married three times while promoting family values, or someone who claims Obama was born in Kenya, or someone who still alleges the death panels are being selected at this very moment, or someone who wants to find a way to let the wealthy have first choice of everything or someone who combines all these wonderful qualities in one super dynamic, all imaginary conspiracy buff scenario pushing, racist, poor people hating, certifiably insane candidate.

Please pardon me if I continue backing, however tepidly or reluctantly, the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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