I don’t have many gay friends, simply because I just haven’t been meeting new people the past several years. One gay friend, a fraternity brother, has now been with his partner over thrity years.

Since they live in Maryland, I don’t believe they have any official legal status as a married couple, which is a shame. They have been together and appear as devoted to each other more than many heterosexual couples I have known. In fact, that statement applies to myself. My marriage ended in divorce after 11 years, but we separated permanently before our tenth anniversary.

Late last year we had the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell idiocy that had been foisted on our military. Soon any gay or lebian members of that entity will need to fear no more being outed with the penalty of ouster from the service.

Recently President Obama has taken some heat for his decision to end efforts to enforce the repulsive Defense Of Marriage Act, which in fact does no such thing.

Hopefully that means we can move towards a normalcy where two adults who love each other and wish to commit to each other can do so with all the legal rights that heterosexual couples have heretofore enjoyed because of their marriage.

Yet there are pinheads out there who still insist that gay marriage will be the bane of our existence. Speaker Of The House Weepy John Boehner has promised that he and some of his Congressional lackeys will step to the fore to provide a legal defense of the DOMA where Obama and his DOJ refuse to.

(Considering Boehner’s tan and his representing the narrow minded faction opposing gay marriage, could he properly be referred to as “Agent Orange”?)

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has also weighed in and drew this response from a blogger on the Post-Gazette by the name of Dick Marshall.

caught a few minutes of Rick Santorum the other day being interviewed on MSNBC. Once again he was all but trembling as he spoke about his fears that marriage…the very institution itself is in danger of being destroyed. I know that many of our fears can be somewhat diffused by discussing them…fleshing out the real details..etc. I thought perhaps a scenario similiar to this one might be what Rick is so terrified about.
Let’s say that my partner and I move in next door to the Santorum clan. After 30 years with Bob, I’m pretty sure that he’s the right one for me, and so on a nice summer evening we might actually get married on some nice beach in Provincetown, and then come back to the Burg to celebrate with friends and family. While we debated about where to register (Neimans or Nordstrums ), the news might trickle over to the Santorums just as they were sitting down to dinner. Rick would probably go apoplectic immediately, while his wife would try to comfort him. The older children might begin to tremble, and the younger ones would simply cry. No doubt the destruction would be quick…maybe Rick would leave first…maybe Mrs Santorum would help him pack…all their blissful married life shattered when it finally came so close to home. Just as the economy was beginning to rebound….the massive losses to caterers, florists, photographers etc would be devastating, as couples no longer could carry out their nuptial plans. Jeeze….two little words…spoken by just two middle aged guys….and the world as we know it would be changed forever. Sorry Pope Benedict, and Donald Wuerl, and Pat Robertson….but eventually the terror will be unleashed. Hold your hands over the children’s ears Ricky…and get ready to hear ” I DO “.

I sincerely hope Mr. Marshall’s thoughts have Santorum trembling in his boots.

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