I have questions this morning to which I know what the answers should be but which I am not sure that have been asked by anyone with power to compel an answer, right or wrong.

 Yesterday this story appeared in the New York Times informing us of the Obama Administration’s plan to resume military tribunals for the terror detainees being held and tortured at Guantanamo.

I want to know

     Why have these people not been charged in our civilian courts with the crimes they have allegedly committed?

I want to know

     Why are these prisoners being treated differently than those who performed other acts of terror and were tried in civilian criminal courts. I speak of Timothy McVeigh. I speak of the first World Trade Center bombers. I speak of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. I speak of Zacarias Moussaoui, part of the 9/11 attacks. I speak of  many others.

I want to know

      What part of our Constitution permits military tribunals for civilian criminal acts?

I want to know.

      How is al-Qeada different from other terror organizations whose members were tried as criminals in civilian courts? Those organizations include the Symbiones Liberation Army. Those organizations include the Weathermen or Weather Underground. Those organizations include the Jewish Defense League. Those organizations include many hate and terror groups whose members have been prosecuted in regular criminal courts by the United States government.

I want to know

    If there really is a WAR ON TERROR, why is it different from any other war in which the United States has been involved? In war, prisoners are afforded certain rights under the Geneva Conventions. If this truly is a war, why have the prisoners at Guantanamo not been afforded the rights that Japanese or German or Italian or Vietnamese or Korean prisoners of war were accorded during those wars?

I want to know

       Why has the media… mainstream, lamestream, far right, far left, newspapers, radio, TV, internet…not expressed outrage at the fact that Guantanamo is still open and the prisoners there have not been given the standard rights of either criminals or prisoners of war?

I want to know

     Why has Congress, including all those members mouthing faux fealty to the Constitution, not expressed outrage that Guantanamo is still open and and these persons have not been afforded basic rights?

I want to know

      Why has President Obama, despite some roadblocks imposed by Congress, not exercised the same extraordinary Presidential powers to close the abominable Guantanamo detention camp that President Bush used to establish it originally?

I want to know

     Do you believe in our Constitution enough that you share my outrage at the treatment of the Guantanamo prisoners?

I want to know

    Do you share my outrage at the tacit complicity of the media in this abomination?

I want to know

   Do you share my belief that Obama’s failure to act brands him a coward on this issue.

I want to know

   Do you share my belief that the media, ever willing to pursue stories of little substance, are collectively cowards for not making our citizenry more aware of this abomination and for failing to provide a unified voice against it?

I want to know

      When will this abomination end the right thing done to restore American justice and credibility to their proper places?


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