Those are not the words of the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield. Lamentably they ARE the words of ME, your Constitution of the United States of America, Much of this lack of respect emanates from those who declare their fealty to  ME, or parts of ME, and those who have sworn an oath to uphold our basic law…ME.

         Last year there was an attack on MY 14th Amendment by certain politicians obsessing on illegal immigration. http://wp.me/pS6ry-1L  It turns out these political hacks believe only parts of the Constitution should be enforced. These members of Congress, sworn to uphold ME , don’t like the right of citizenship granted by MY 14th Amendment to all born here, but you better not touch their precious 2nd Amendment  right to bear arms. Though with Sarah Palin, equipped with rifles and probably unlimited ammunition, on the loose in Alaska perhaps that should be changed to the right to arm bears. Or in our warm weather states the right to bare arms.

 I don’t get no respect!

          The defenders of MY 2nd Amendment are adamant that there be no qualifications or exceptions to its language. I could accept that but wonder why they are not as enthusiastic about limiting exceptions to MY other amendments.

         For instance, the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech. Yet there are all kinds of exceptions made that legally limit speech. Famously one can’t yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater, unless of course the theater really is on fire.  The rationale for that exception is the great possibility of danger to the theater patrons fleeing the building to escape the non-existent fire.

            Our Supreme Court has fashioned a standard regarding obscenity. Essentially that standard is… is something obscene under contemporary community standards? In other words what’s hot in L.A. or Chicago could result in cold jail time in Memphis……and has.

          Here in Morgantown where obscenity is practically mandatory it would be extremely difficult to get a conviction on obscenity charges. But Kingwood, in neighboring Preston County, has a mostly rural population who might find such material offensive. ( And that would be contrary to their alleged actual practices with close relatives and farm animals, or close relatives of farm animals.) No other part of ME applies to only selective communities.

    I don’t get no respect!           

            Richard Nixon, as a Presidential candidate in 1968, called for “strict constructionists to be appointed to the Supreme Court.Funny. I thought that I, the Constitution,  read “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech…”. Doesn’t it seem that strict construction would say that “no law” means NO LAW?

 I don’t get no respect

               The Supreme Court last week was hearing arguments as to whether ANOTHER exception to requiring a search warrant could be made to MY 4th Amendment. Not AN exception, ANOTHER exception.


I don’t get no respect!

          My 6th Amendment reuires a speedy and public trial for all those accused of crimes. Whatever terror is, at heart it is a crime. We tried terrorists Timothy McVeigh, the first World Trade Center bombers and the Unabomber for crimes in civilian courts. Yet we have dozens of alleged terrorists being held at Guantanamo with no charges and no trials, many for eight or nine years.

I don’t get no respect!

             The Republicans in the new Congress have vowed to pass no bill unless it contains a clause explaining under which part of ME it is authorized. Furthermore they are attempting to repeal last year’s health care law for, among other reasons, not being Constitutional. That is, they allege I have no language that allows the federal government to address health care.

              One local fellow, who obviously has actually read ME, wrote a letter to the Morgantown paper last week that suggests if health care is not covered under MY Commerce Clause, then federal anti-drug laws are also not permitted.


I don’t get no respect!

           So do you see how I am always under attack, even from those who claim to revere me? I’ll be 224 years old in 2011 and at times I get so tired of this lack of respect I wish I could be reunited with MY old buddy Rodney. Then all of you would be stuck again with those nasty old ineffective Articles of Confederation. Or, since you can’t wait to hear the latest gossip on the British royals, maybe you can return to being a colony of a monarchy. All I know is



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