The evidence keeps mounting in support of the conclusions in my recent post that we should get out of Afghanistan now. This story is just out that one of the Afghan policemen we have been training killed six American soldiers while on a training mission near the Pakistan border. See this, with links to more coverage:http://slatest.slate.com/id/2276157/entry/4/

              Here is my original piece if you have not yet read it:


               Last night on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper had a report about the status of U.S. efforts to train Afghan police. Having a proper police force is essential to the future security of that nation, even more so than its army. One expert noted though, that all the corruption, wretched work ethic, and other qualities of the Afghan people that inhibit developing a fully functioning and effective police force are so engrained in Afghan life and culture that it will take generations, perhaps 100 years to fully eradicate the old culture and instill a new one. Here is the full video report.


               If that expert is only half or even a quarter right, that means to accomplish our stated goal of turning over Afghan security to a trained police element could take a minimum of 25 years. That is unacceptable. No matter how many potential Sgt. Giuntas we have there, for them to perform as he did still means untold American deaths. Do you truly believe the cause…whatever it is…is worth it? I do not.

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