The massacre is over. The people have spoken. A message has been delivered. The people have their government back. Of course an enormous ransom had to be paid. But the bag money wasn’t left with the alleged kidnappers. Instead it went into the pockets of TV and radio stations, media sales representatives, the perennially dying print news industry and sundry consultants, poster makers and computer printer supplies dealers ( a late-not-so-lamented brief career stop for yours truly).

             Sitting on the sidelines as an observer gives me a not so unique perspective. Unique, no, but extremely personalized, yes. And sitting on the sidelines means  only I was not active for any candidate or party or cause. My main purpose as it turns out was to be a guardian for the truth. Alas, my guardianship has been a giant failure.

                 First let me explain how I tried to protect the truth. Since the election of Barack Obama two years ago, there has been a stream of vituperative, vicious and defamatory chain emails circulated about him. Many of these emails contained lies about him personally. Others lied about or misstated his campaign promises or announced legislative agenda. Many contained gripes over the enactment of a law or some government action and blamed him. In most cases the given event or action had not occurred or else had actually been in place for years, initiated by or enacted under a prior president.

                   The most recent example of the latter gripe was received by me election day evening. It was titled “Wake Up America” and lambasted Obama for his travel plans to India at the end of this week and listing all the extravagant numbers of people and support hardware that would accompany him. Checking on line I even saw estimates that the cost would be $200 million per day borne, of course, by you, the  American taxpayers. The guilty parties were the usual suspects: Bachman, Hannity and that crowd. Of course it’s not true. see Politifact:

             I had almost given up on writing this post, the opening draft lying dormant for three days. But an email I received from a friend on Saturday spurred me to continue.

Haven’t heard from your for more than a few days, so I wanted to check and make sure you are OK. We older guys have to check on each other……………… one else is going to check. I am waiting anxiously for your blog comments on the Nov 2nd election results. I was suprised at the magnitude of the rejection only. I still can’t formulate or even discuss reasonable future strategy because I am too pissed off at the ignorance of the uninformed electorate or at their impatience which ever applies. I am obviously too passionate about politics for it to be healthy. Every time I see or hear McConnell, Boehner, Limgaugh or Palin my first inclination is to hurt them beyond description and secondly it is puzzlement as to how anyone could have lived as long as any of them and be that stupid. Supply side and trickle down economics are worse than voodoo and it has been proven as such but it’s another reality that the GOP tries to rewrite. The lying hypocritical bastards!

          This friend shall remain unnamed but he did work for candidates and as a poll worker. So he invests his time in his beliefs. He also reads a broad range of news and occasionally provides me with links to stories, some of which I have used in this blog.

           His expression of disgust and disappointment is perhaps more bitter than my own, but I don’t fault him for  that. I restrain myself more in the hope that my foray into the blogosphere, the comments pages of newspapers, and the refutation of the plethora of pernicious emails I have cited will draw some response indicating gratitude for dealing in fact and not merely parroting the lies so common to this campaign in particular. But I’m too old to be trading in such fantasies.

                 While certainly not original, a letter in Saturday’s Post-Gazette called for more civility in political discourse and an attempt to find common ground. Here it is with the comments it attracted:

            As you can see, some of the posters continue their complaints while ignoring the facts.

            Here is an important fact to remember about the election. The Republicans gained a majority only in the House of representatives. The Democrats retain a majority in the Senate and, of course, Obama has veto power. Whatever agenda the Republicans wish to pursue will be unsuccessful unless they tailor legislation to draw support from across the aisle.

                 I do take great comfort in the notion that John Boehner can become a bogeyman of the left as the right created Pelosi as theirs. I expect to be able to take many very cheap shots at him. But first I have to figure out whether he is a representative of the Florida citrus industry, a graduate of Syracuse or a member of a European royal family or the cast of Jersey Shore.

               One thing I can assure you about the next two years and the opportunity to openly criticize Republican Congressional leadership. I can be just as nasty as they have been in the two years since Obama’s election. The main difference is I will be telling the truth. And if an assertion of mine is proven false, I will retract it. But I will be exposing them for the lying hypocritical bastards my friend claims they are. And they are.

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