The Congress and the military are dillydallying about eliminating the military’s so-called Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy for those homosexuals among its members. I thought it was stupid and wrong-headed when it was adopted during the Clinton years and it is even more so today.

       There is a wealth of anecdotal evidence of how this policy has hurt military preparedness with the discharge of many troops, male and female, under it. A great number of these troops had more than merely a couple of years of military experience, had valuable skills, and had performed more than honorably in discharging their duties under any objective standards.

        The story in this link tells about Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach, a pilot decorated for combat duty in Iraq, who got caught up in this policy. He has a deal right now for the Air force to refrain from discharging him without initiating court proceedings, although he could eventually be discharged.

         He is a great example that refutes many of the arguments in favor of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell based not only on his stellar 19 year career but in the manner he was outed.

         However there is hope. A federal judge has ruled the policy unconstitutional and is preparing an injunction preventing its enforcement.  That story is here:

           This decision is in The U.S. District Court, or trial court, and may still face scrutiny in appeal to the Circuit Court or the Supreme Court itself. It would be a shame if rejection and/or repeal of this policy is further delayed.

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