Here is a link to today’s  Charles Krauthammer column as it appeared in the Post-Gazette.


                In it he accuses liberals of looking for bigotry everywhere there is opposition to it’s leftist agenda. Methinks Herr Krauthammer is viewing this issue through coal-colored glasses. True it is easy to find instances where the conservative movement has been called racist or homophobic or otherwise bigoted, and either that claim did not bear out or circumstances showed there was no black and white controversy, merely one with multiple layers of grey.

             Primary among these for me is the Henry Louis Gates, Jr. incident in Cambridge, where he had to break into his own house, the police were called and when he was confronted as a possible burglar, he was sorely  offended.  That was undertstandable, but so was the officer’s explanation that he was responding to a 911 call, and merely needed to check  the situation. Gates immediately saw this as a racial affront and began a rant. The cop, apparently not racist but likely sensitive to a loud but not violent outburst from a potential miscreant, and having the proof he needed that Gates was indeed the homeowner, did not withdraw as good sense dictated but instead proceeded to arrest Gates for, I believe, disorderly conduct.

           As the officer was white and Gates black many jumped to the conclusion that the affair indicated white racism. President Obama chimed in on the “stupid” behavior of the cop. The two pertinent parties and the Pres finally all had a civil discourse over a cold beer on the White House Lawn.

                It turns out neither the cop nor Gates demonstrated patience when that virtue was undeniably necessary. And Obama jumped the gun is his assessment of the incident.

                 I realize this has nothing to do with a liberal political agenda per se, but it is illustrative that liberals can do the knee-jerk as well as anyone.

                But on more sweeping national questions such as illegal immigration, gay marriage and the Ground Zero mosque, Krauthammer appears to judge them as the will of the majority should be heard and allegations of bigotry, even if made only against segments of the right wing positions on these topics, are stifling the will of the people.

                 Well, in light of the rhetoric espoused by these right wingers, especially the trained rats at FoxNews and drones and clones of the ilk of the half governor of Alaska, how could one not conclude bigotry was afoot?

                Is Krauthammer not cognizant of the fact our Constitution and a number of its amendments were designed precisely to prevent the tyranny of the majority. Would he not deem it bigotry if a synagogue or Mormon temple were opposed simply due to the religious beliefs of the people behind it? Does he fail to see the bigotry in focusing attention on the immigration status of one ethnic group and lies are spread to persuade folks these immigrants are nothing but prenicious leeches, preying upon vulnerable Americans? Does he not see the bigotry and plain unfairness in opposition to gay marriage which was addressed so eloquently by the judge who threw out the California law?

              Oh, yeah, the coal-colored glasses. Questions answered.

               While many people may not have bigotry at the heart of their opinions on these issues, they certainly are prone to extreme narrow-mindedness which, in effect, is the same. Think of those whites who cared not a whit about the Civil Rights movement, but did not practice bigotry themselves. What was the effect of their apathy? Should I mention all those “good” Germans ignoring the Holocaust around them?

           Neither  being an ostrich or being ignorant automatically excuses one from charges of bigotry when it comes to simple matters of right versus wrong.

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