I sincerely hope that my computer keyboard continues operating after I have forced it to type the words Glenn Beck…………..brprh;h844joijf’     SEE? It’s already rebelling. Keyboard, I apologize. This is a one-time mission.

             Today is the day of the Glenn Beck organized rally in D.C. to “restore America’s honor”. What a crock! If any honor needs to be restored it is because it has been severely tarnished by people like Beck who believe and act like it is America’s place in the world, not to simply be a leader, but to dominate. Our ideas, ideals, culture and religion (although not our soccer teams) are superior to that of any other nation on earth. We are almighty and can do no wrong. All those little wars with many thousands of our troops killed? Well, hell, we offed millions of them gooks, ragheads and other inferior species. And we did it to make the world safe for democracy and good old Christianity, at least the Christianity that preaches abortion is bad, gotta protect the unborn, but has no problems eliminating the already born and breathing through unnecessary wars, the death penalty, (Hey, that innocent guy didn’t file his appeal on time!) and by spreading greed and pollution and filth that makes the lives of our own citizens rather dicey but is downright lethal to the parasites inhabiting the three other corners of the earth. As Superman fought for truth, justice and the American Way…….wait a minute, that’s a triumverate….what’s the third part of Beck’s battle after democracy and Christianity……oh yeah… Superman fought for truth, justice and the American way so Glenn Beck fights for democracy, Christianity and gold coins!!!

             Look, even a fallen Christian like me sees the heresy in  Beck’s procalamation that this is a Christian endeavor. He who spews hate on a daily basis is no more a Christian than Osama bin Laden. I was raised Presbyterian and was taught that the church was an outlet for loving and forgiveness and understanding. I still value these qualities, but Beck’s sputterings are one of the reasons I disdain organized religion and the idea of God or a god itself. Whether you consider Jesus the Messiah and son of God or look at him as an ordinary man with extraordinary teachings, the utter filth emanating from Beck has as much to do with those teachings as it does a recipe for chocolate cheesecake. Heretics used to be burned at the stake. I do not advocate that approach, but if there are lit matches near Beck, I ain’t gonna blow ’em out.

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