I have written here previously about letters to the editor which are almost laughable in their approach to illogic. They get from A to Z, not by proceeding through the rest of the alphabet, but by taking detours through Sanskrit, various Greek letters and very often the grunts of neanderthals. Here is one such from this morning’s Morgantown paper. It’s the one from Barry Weber.

          I have already emailed my response, which is below:

                 Barry Weber’s letter today, (Fri. Aug. 27) attacks Governor Manchin for supporting Barack Obama at the 2008 Democratic Convention when Hillary Clinton won the West Virginia Democratic primary, as if that is a vote against the people of this state. Since the nomination was settled by the convention as even Clinton acknowledged, how is Manchin’s support for Obama against the people’s will? That is totally illogical. And I would hazard a guess that Mr. Berry didn’t vote for Obama and would not have voted for Clinton either. Since Obama was elected by a majority of votes nationwide, I guess that puts Mr. Weber in the camp of those against the will of the people.

            I know. That is much too brief to have been penned by my hand. Count your blessings. As I blogged earlier, one letter writer thought that Alan Mollohan’s votes for health care were a betrayal of his public trust because a few hundred people had rallied in opposition.

         It is an extreme stretch to suggest a politician has violated his trust or gone against the will of the people merely due to his vote that is contrary to what you preferred. That politician may be an idiot and was mistaken on the issue, but that isn’t a betrayal of trust. Taking bribes and the like is. And while I personally am opposed to the way the politician voted on a law, and I know many others feel that way, how is it going against the will of the people? (And there are sometimes when common sense, decency or other ideals dictate a vote against what the majority clamors for. That entire topic is best left for another post.)

           So please, letter writers, be logical and reasoned in your argument. If Pythagoras had emulated you, we still would have major mysteries about the right triangle.

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