It has appalled me personally in recent years to see so much media focus and the attention of the public centered on, nay obsessed on matters totally meaningless to our collective well-being. I am not speaking of sports fans per se, or music or movie fans, or folks with time-consuming hobbies or the innumerable interests we have that can divert us from wars, the economy, natural disasters and the like. These activities so often have their own intrinsic value that enhances the lives of the individuals concerned with them and, thus, enrich the texture of our lives as a community, as a nation, and as a world.

         No, I speak of those people who not only want to appreciate the accomplishments of athletes, actors, authors, singers, hobbyists and the like, but who delve into the lives of their idols or pay attention to events or issues that are so frequently generated to distract us from any thoughtful pursuits and productive discourse.

             When news of the infidelities of Tiger Woods erupted, follow up was a huge part of sports coverage and drew far too much attention by traditional news outlets, not for sports, but on a par with vital national and international news. (See my post, Tiger Tiger Burning Bright)

              Jennifer Anniston is a pretty woman, undeniably desireable from a physical standpoint, and possibly a talented actress. Yet, the frenzy to cover any increase in the number of her cellulite pockets or the decrease in her prospects for a successful love life is way not based on her beauty. I can think of at least forty actresses, let alone other women, who are prettier, sexier and more memorable than her. It is not based on her talent. There are hundreds of working actresses capable of portraying a character much more convincingly than can she.

            What the hell is a Snooki? I keep seeing headlines about, I guess a her, and wonder what all the fuss is about. Near as I can tell she is part of a “reality” series where the cast members are chosen because of their predeliction for behaving so out of the norm in contrived situations that it has no actual relation to reality. I have seen pictures of her. She has big tits, which I like, and a scary face which, well, which scares me. Apparently she has an attitude of such a contrarian nature I would not wish it on Attila the Hun’s wife.

          Her idiocies aside, why should so much of the attention in Sarah Palin’s sphere be put on her daughter and her once a fiance then not a fiance then again a fiance and it seems now an ex-fiance again baby daddy. The only possible relevance is how it exposes her hypocrisy and highlights the stupidity of many of her public pronouncements. But there is such other overwhelming evidence of this, why should we need Bristol Palin’s soap opera life as the primary illustration? And asking the baby daddy his views on life and politics, and trumpeting them for their “insight”? The producer of any program having him as a guest, other than on Jerry Springer or Maury Povich, should be summarily fired, as in firing squad.

           I don’t care if Laurence Fishburne’s daughter made a porno. Neither should you. (But can you get me a copy?)

           I don’t care how much Chelsea Clinton’s wedding cost and who was on the guest list. Neither should you.

          I don’t care about the love lives of all these non-actors playing teenagers in these vampire movies and shows when they will be collecting social security in eight years. Neither should you.

          Oh, there’s so much more. But I will turn the dais over to Don Simpson, a former U.S. ambassador who writes a column for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. His outlook is similar but articulated differently.


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