I have made no new posts for some time. I had some minor health problems which included a short hospitalization. Just after my release from the hospital I had to move into my new digs and that was a frantic few days because my back problem prevented me from lifting anything heavy. Three friends did the bulk of the heavy work, Dave Bell, Rusty Davis, and Dave’s friend. Forgive me but I don’t know how to spell his name but I believe it’s something like Wyse. I may be completely wrong. He is a young man of Afghan heritage. He and his older, beautiful twin sisters have sort of been mentored by Dave the past several years. The other time I met the brother he was a still wet behind the ears 13 or 14 year old. He has matured and seems as bright and personable as his sisters. Much thanks to all three. Dave and Rusty have been good friends for years and I truly appreciate them.

Just after moving came my annual fraternity reunion which I more or less organize. That and its follow-up took much time. I derive so much from these reunions and the planning that the entire process is generally a delight.

Another time-consuming activity growing out of my reunion is writing my autobography, which I have threatened to do for years. Several of the attending brothers offered encouragement and one’s wife even suggested the title, “The Magician’s Son”. Soon coming to a bookstore near you.

I am now comfortable in my apartment, have resumed regular, much-needed workouts, and am organizing my overall time better. Thus I plan on making regular entries to this blog, even if it is only to share the outstanding contributions I seem to be making frequently to the letters to the editor in Morgantown and Pittsburgh newspapers.

 A lot has been happening in the world, your understanding of which will be immensely emhanced after reading my commentary. Feel free to digest this wisdom and submit your praise to me.

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