Road Rage Meets Arrogance

Most of us have felt road rage on occasion. If not our own anger boiling over, we have been assaulted verbally at the least, visually with the traditional one -finger salute, and an unfortunate few with actual physical force.

I am guilty of exercising the first two more than I care to admit. Although on a trip to Cincinnati a few years back,  I was disappointed because I had no chances to flex my middle finger. And Ohio drivers are really terrible as a rule!

My personal favorite examples of drivers who offend me are the ones who hog the passing lane without making discernable progress to pass, or even have most other drivers passing them on the right. The other  type is drivers on the right pulling in front of you while you are passing to let other cars into traffic at entrance ramps. Even though the entering cars have yield signs.


Regardless of how it occurs, government employees or officials who act like they are specially privileged also rankles on a regular basis. Most often these pigs act entitled to favored treatment unavailable to the hoi polloi.

Well let us visit Moscow where, in the wake of  the fall of communism but with vestiges of the high-handedness of bureaucrats and officials prevalent under Stalin or even the Czars, a new form of road rage has arisen. I find the common people response somewhat amusing but it’s also a descendent of the mentality developed during darker times when the people subtly rebelled against their oppressors.

Check the link for the whole story.

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