Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

Well, this morning’s TV got my blood boiling. No wonder that I stll need blood pressure medication even after greatly improving my life style to a healthier standard in the past year.

On most mornings if I watch TV between 6 and 10 am it is either Morning Joe on MSNBC or Mike and Mike on ESPN2. This morning both wasted a lot of time exploring the ramifications for Tiger Woods, golf, The Masters, society as a whole, and our proximity to Armageddon because of Tiger’s marital infidelities.

IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!!! The pontifacting, blanket-condemning, self-righteous, talking heads on our airwaves inexcusably poke their priggish noses into the realm of personal morality. That Tiger cheated is indisputable. That he hurt his family is evident. That everyone else has a right to judge his actions in a public forum is indefensible.

I really doubt he is the first golfer on the PGA tour to cheat. Based on admittedly unreliable statistics about the prevalence of adultery among American men, odds are that of the so-called big three of sixties golf, Player, Palmer and Nicklaus,  that at least one cheated on his wife.

And certainly, as probably anywhere from 30 to 60% of spouses cheat, odds are also that a goodly number of the aforesaid talking heads have cheated.

I am not really a golf fan. I have a casual interest but have played only a few times myself. I have a fair number of friends who love to golf. Tiger is a great golfer, some argue the best ever. When I do pay attention to golf and Tiger, I merely want to see him play well, to give his best possible performance. Or, if an upstart is in position to outdo him in a particular event, I may root for that person. I have absolutely no interest in knowing whether Tiger had a “hot night” the evening before or will celebrate his next victory with some woman other than his wife. And neither should you or the talking heads.

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  • Betsy  On April 9, 2010 at 12:42 PM

    Got to tell ya…love the blog…HATE the picture!

    • umoc193  On April 9, 2010 at 1:16 PM

      Thanks for reading. Picture is simply part of one of a number of themes and formats available . I’m probably going to change to something else, but figured at least for now there would be a visual content.
      Producing blog is better than sitting here contemplating navel, but not by much!

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