One of the greatest days of the year has arrived, baseball opening day. Or should I say BASEBALL OPENING DAY. It deserves a shout.

It’s warm and partly sunny. I have my front door open and a neighbor is mowing grass. I’ve got FSN Pittsburgh on getting ready to watch the Bucs whomp the Dodgers. What a great atmosphere!

This year is pivotal. Many new players are in the lineup and anticipation of some more talent coming in later in the season is intense. Here’s a story about that issue. from the Post-Gazette. It deals with the expectations of and for Alvarez, Tabata and Lincoln.

I’ve been a Pirate fan since the mid-50’s, having attended my first game in 1957. Baseball’s always been my favorite sport. I’ve been to college bowl games, a World Series and playoffs, Steelers’ playoffs (including The Immaculate Reception) and followed many more exciting moments on radio/TV or in newspapers and magazines.

The moment that tops them all occurred at 3:36 P.M. on Oct. 13, 1960, when Mazeroski’s home run off Ralph Terry on a 1-0 count brought Pittsburgh its first World Series victory since 1925. I just can’t express how thrilling that event was for a baseball-crazed 13 year old.

As this is the 50th anniversary of that occasion, the P-G had two good stories. One tells where all the members of that team are today and the other gives an overview of the season. here are the links.

Pre-game introductions are beginning. I am psyched!!

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