Light of day

Despite last night’s loss the sun still came up today. And some good news on the state sports front. I read in the Charleston Gazette that 2 Marshall football players were arrested nearly this morning. It looks like one was drunk and hit the cop trying to bust him and the other one interfered. Also at Marshall, lost in all the “Hoopsla” this week, their basketball coach resigned and went to Central Florida, a Conference USA rival.

Also, just 15 minutes ago I saw a new post on that Butler has a torn ACL plus damage to the MCL and 2 bone bruises. I presume surgery will be in order for him. Any injury like that is a shame. But if he makes a full recovery the short term disadvantage will be to his NBA prospects. People smarter than me in that regard consider him a viable prospect, but their draft is in 2 months and I see no way for him to be ready for full evaluation then. He’s tough, though, so longer term he’ll be able to prove himself NBA worthy. Good luck, Da’Sean.

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