Big Day for Mountaineers

I’ve been reading stories about Final Four in Dominion Post, Post-Gazette and this morning. Some are rah-rah, some provide true insight, and others would manage to piss off most WVU fans.

 Pat Forde’s column on the comparative likeability of each team is an example of the latter. He chooses, completely arbitrarily, different factors that determine how likeable each team is. He assigns point values, plus and minus, to each of these factors and awards a number to each school.

Some are very logical. Others are rather nonsensical, but the sum of it all is very entertaining. Butler comes out ahead while WVU finishes third, but still in front of Duke. We lose points because our coach had a DUI, has been on probation, and had a player punch a police horse.

But some of the items are very complimentary to the school and especially some of the players, especially Kevin Jones who doesn’t seem to get a lot of press other than local.

But overall these stories provide a nice run-up to the actual game tonight. They’re beyond the usual analysis and predictions.

I’m getting excited but but still haven’t decided where to watch the game. Gene’s is the best bet, but the track record when I do so for big WVU contests is not good, two blown chances for football championship glory being the best evidence. But I’ll probably go there and enjoy the company and have someone to celebrate with when we win. Even at that the trip home will be fraught with peril, having to pass through downtown with mayhem in the streets possible and, while I won’t drink a lot, the police presence might not be favorable. Might be better to take the long way around.

About 10 hours left till tip-off.

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