Today’s Anniversaries

This date in the past

1908  Buddy Ebsen was born. I didn’t realize George Russell was that old.

1969  “Dizzy” by Tommy Roe is at top of charts. I saw him at oldies concert in 1992. Met a woman there who I thought might be the love of my life. She broke my heart, crushed it. I hate Tommy Roe. And because he had No.1 hit during the prime of my youth, I apologize to subsequent generations for criticizing the crap that was popular in their prime.

2009  I was just awakening from my bypass surgery about this time last year. To observe this anniversary, I got up this morning, intubated myself (not as dirty as it sounds) and ripped open my sternum. I’m spending the rest of the day chasing nurses although, like dogs chasing cars, I may not know what to do if I catch one.

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