Catholic Sex Scandal

I keep seeing these stories about the child molestation scandal within the Catholic Church and the possible cover-up by the present pope when he was in a prior supervisory capacity. As a non-Catholic and as one who is troubled by many of the Church’s posititions or doctrines or practices, I’m not going to jump on board the condemnation train at this point.

From what I’ve read in several sources there does appear to be enough smoke to investigate to see if a fire actually exists. And if the pope or some of his aides covered things up where they had a legal obligation to report abuse to civil authorities, let them be properly charged and adjudicated.

The Bishop of Pittsburgh was cited in today’s paper as denouncing the attacks on the pope and analogizing  them to “annihilation of the body of Christ”. Excuse me, Bishop. I’m sure many attackers have a broader agenda to discredit the entire church, but most I’ve seen simply contend that, if the pope is guilty as accused, he should be punished accordingly.

Another story reports the pope’s personal pastor, in his Good Friday sermon, likened the charges on the pope to anti-semitic attacks and accusations against the Jews. This supposedly based on a letter from an un-named Jewish friend.

PULEEEZE!! That’s a big stretch. Other than from some radicals, the pope, not the church is being attacked. Perhaps the problem may lie in the exulted posiition in which the pope is placed. And another story tells of reactions of rank and file Catholis ranging from undying support to outrage at the church to the point of leaving it.

Everybody calm down. If the allegations are true, it simply means the church leadership is rotten, not that the entire Catholic church should be condemned. If I were a member of any organization accused of comparable acts, I would want the culprits punished and removed from control, not necessarily begin to question the basic tenets of the organization itself.

Let’s see how this plays out.

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