Mounties in Indy

Mountaineers in Indy. Morgantown ecstatic. Saturday night should be fun time.  I can’t wait. I’ll probably go somewhere to watch. Gene’s? Fishbowl? Sexy blonde’s house? Hmmm. Who has best wings                 or breasts? A dilemma for the ages.

I’m rooting for WVU as much as the next person.  But I just can’t get notion out of my mind about how corrupt college basketball is. WVU has successfully stayed away from major scandals, but with this new era and level of achievement, can that continue? I’m not even talking about cheating in recruiting or bringing in players who are here solely to improve their resume for the NBA. The system sucks.

I’ll leave that philosophical rant for another day. In the meantime I’m going to cheer as hard as anyone and promise a big smile if we win Saturday. Oh how I hate Duke!

If that happens, Monday will be biggest day in Mountaineer sports history. NCAA tourney is much bigger event than in West’s time. I believe only 13 teams were in tourney back then. Was it called the Triskaidekaphobic Thirteen? Or the Bodacious Bakers’ Dozen?

By the by, I’m one of many opposed to further expansion to 96. I won’t predict dire consequences, though. Yesterday on one column dealt with that issue, and quoted various coaches, officials and sports writers as to how growth of the tourney or playoffs would be soooooooo bad. Including Digger Phelps. Turns out the quotes were old, responses to expansion of playoff teams inNCAA, MLB and NFL. All seem more popular than ever.

Monday is also wonderful since it’s Opening Day. My oldest son will work that morning then go see Bucs-Dodgers. Although a Penn State grad (and Sigma Chi to boot!), he roots hard for Mounties. He figures after that day he might not be fully sober till Thursday.

But he’s still young, 32, so I expect the rest of you to be at your jobs early Tuesday no matter what.

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