Why I’m here

I’ve been talking about blogging for a long time. Someone called my bluff and here I am.
This will be a work in development, as they say, while I get used to writing and using all the tools at my disposal here.

I will be offering my views, observations, opinions and insights on a variety of topics. Some of these topics will derive from long-held beliefs, others in reaction to news of the moment. I promise to base these writings on proveable facts, not on rumors propogated on the internet, nor based solely on claims expressed by others, regardless of  my sympathy for or opposition to those claims  philosophically.

To facilitate my fact-finding I use a number of sources. These include print editions of a variety of newspapers including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Morgantown Dominion Post, Wall Street Journal, Charleston Daily Mail, and the Washington Post. On-line magazines such as Salon and Slate and electronic editions of The Nation, The New Republic, and The National Review are sources as are also popular blogs or web sites as Breitbart.com, The Drudge Report and The Huffington Post. I access ESPN.com, CBS Sportsline.com and Fox Sports on the internet.

My daily life involves frequent viewings of MSNBC, particularly Morning Joe, Countdown and Hardball. Local news on Pittsburgh and Clarksburg stations is a staple. PBS stations, Discovery, The History Channel, Biography and TruTV have programs I watch often. Sad to say, HGTV does also. (A totally guilty pleasure).  I do watch FoxNews occasionally but never right after eating.

I avoid almost all so-called reality shows for the reason that they are far from reality. They are contrived, at least partially scripted, and place people who I most likely would not want to associate with in the first place into situations that are far removed from reality. Grow up Kate and Jon. Get a life all you thousands of American Idol hopefuls who simply crave, not even fifteen minutes of fame, but possibly only fifteen seconds. I think all the “Survivors” should instead be on “Lost” and stay that way.

I expect that many of my opinions will be challenged and debated. I fully welcome comments, with two hard and fast considerations in deciding whether to keep these posts or eliminate them. First, all these comments must be based on facts, even if the conclusions you draw are completely opposite mine, possibly even irrational. Second, while you can challenge my opinions, ad hominem attacks are verboten. My mother and father were married to each other and my mother was not a member of the canine family.

I aspire to writing cogently and gramatically. I disdain computer spell checking but try to insure my spelling is proper. You should expect no less from an entrant in The 1961 Washington County Spellin Bee. (Eliminated on “harangue”, which I just now looked up to guarantee I was spelling it right.) (Still paranoid after all these years. I like to utilize humor but recognize my efforts may fail in that respect, depending on personal taste.

I will often be expressing strong opinions but intend to present humorous slants on whimsical topics and even on seriuos subjects when appropriate. I hold myself to high standards in my writing but am sure to slip on occasion. Honest critiques are expected at such times, but remember I am a sensitive human being and cry easily.

Profanity may appear but, I hope, appropriate in context

Finally, I am a suppressed writer at heart. I write letters to the editor, with several published, and comment on some blogs or web sites. I have produced emails either attempting to refute something I’ve received or as a piece of itself, usually satirical but, to some, likely coming across as pure smart ass and humorless. Perhaps with encouragement that my writings touch a nerve and are literate, I might produce the book I’ve been told I should write for years. Those who treat me right will receive a signed first edition.

Let’s get rolling with this. I hope you enjoy.


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  • Rick Martik  On April 1, 2010 at 2:24 AM

    First and foremost, what the heck is a UMOC? Try spiffing up your blog with snazzier theme too, just search for “free wordpress themes.” There are thousands to choose from and it appears you have time on your hands.

    This is a great way to discuss topics and you may want to start making some categories just to keep ahead of the game. And don’t forget to email your list when you you’ve made an important post you want us all to see.

    take care,

    • umoc193  On April 1, 2010 at 3:31 AM


      UMOC arose after you had left school. In spring of 1969, my senior year, there was a contest for Ugly Man On Campus. Entrants were made up, pictures taken and displayed in the Mountainlair and people voted by putting money in the appropriate jar, which went to some scholarship fund. Thanks in good part to Bob Elliot’s contribution, I won (or lost, depending on your viewpoint). I got some personal stuff and the house received it’s largest, most impressive trophy ever. For good or bad the title has stuck with me lo these many years. As I have either a terrific sense of humor about myself or am just a pathetic loser, I have embraced it.
      As to your more substantive comments. You are correct. This thing can, and will, look a lot better as I develop it. Suggestions for doing so are welcome.

  • Russ223  On April 1, 2010 at 12:02 PM

    Go UMOC Go!!

  • Harry Stock  On April 1, 2010 at 12:38 PM

    UMOC! O how well I remember the contest. David now a Blogger! From emails, to blogs, to author of a book. Wow, will there come a time when we will all say “we all knew he was destined for great things” ,or “we knew him when.” We could start a new contest. UBOI – Ugliest blogger on internet. I’ll definately be a follower David. Good for you.

    • umoc193  On April 1, 2010 at 1:09 PM


      I take it you approve of these writings so far. Thanks. I almost posted a copy of my communist orders since they take effect today. But I don’t have time. I have to watch Obama’s resignation speech with Rush Limbaugh succeeding him. Glenn Beck and William Ayers will be his vice-presidents. And Ellen Degeneres will be Secretary of Defense.


      As to your UBOI suggestion two things. If based on looks, I might have a chance, if based on posts, I’ll lose to just about everyone. Besides, Dux isn’t around to vote.

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